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Our idea of Budget Asia Travel is getting the most for your money by uncovering those little hidden gems that you'll never find in those Vietnam Travel, Cambodia Travel and Hong Kong Travel Guidebooks.

Southeast Asia Travel Elephant

We write information that is useful and relevant to Budget Travelers seeking the best attractions, hotels, restaurants and 'watering holes'.

We include photographs and short Video Tours for that "See and Feel" experience. This allows for the closest thing short of going there yourself.

The information will empower you to make your own informed decisions instead of being sold to by other websites that do nothing more than ask for your credit card details.

At Travel-Budget-Asia.com you'll find...

  • Detailed Articles on Most Major Asian Cities

  • Videos and Photographs on Every Page

  • Links to Any Other Website with "Informational Value" to You

You might have already bought one of those high priced travel Asia guidebooks. I did as well.

Those Guidebooks ARE informative but they're like the nosy neighbor who watches everything you do and tells everyone your secrets.

As soon as any Hotel, Restaurant or Tour Operator makes it into the vaulted pages of this Asia Travel Guidebook, or that Budget Asia Travel Guidebook, they quickly raise their prices to meet the stampede of tourists that soon follow.

It's big money for the Budget Asia travel guidebooks and their clientele. The goal isn't to find the best places for you but the ones that pay the most advertising dollars.

Meanwhile you're stuck in long line-ups, paying premium costs and being herded to 'Recommended Attractions' and staying in 'Recommended Hotels'.

That's how I traveled Asia for years. Then I found myself in Shanghai, China at 1AM in the morning begging for a discount on a $50 / night room.

It was a youth hostel (The Captain Hostel) that I had selected from the 'Budget' section of my guidebook.

Asia travel shanghai

$50USD a night for a 'budget' hotel?

"No Discount!" Fired the receptionist. "We now famous place!"

"Yes", I see. Page 138."

I walked out of there in a huff and walked off with my heavy backpack into the dark, cold streets.

Note: If you are arriving to any City in Southeast or East Asia at night then please book a room even if just for the first night.

I walked from from one Hostel to the next with that heavy bag strapped to my back. It was a hard lesson but I found some of the most amazing, out of the way places on the streets of Shanghai during that early morning trek.

I even eventually found a decent hotel. It had a clean bed, a toilet, heat and hot water. It was a really nice little room and it was $12USD / night.

Of course, it was not listed in my Asia Travel Guidebook.

"Share and You'll Prosper"

Quoted by My Mother

We'll share everything we've learned during the past 7 years and numerous 11 block walks we've taken in cities throughout Asia.

Share Your Asia Travel Experiences

If you've traveled though Asia before, then you've surely found a nugget of knowledge on the topic. Let others have a chance to learn from your Budget travel Asia experience.

Write About it.

Invitations to share are located at the bottom of most pages on this site.

We Link Back to Your Asia Travel Website or Blog

Write a great article about Vietnam travel, Cambodia travel or any other Asia travel destination. If it includes useful information then we'll include a link to your Website Or Blog.

All we ask is that you write an article that offers good information for people who may be planning a trip somewhere in Asia.

This Video is of the New Year's celebration in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam.

And the next day I took this video of a traditional Vietnamese Lion Dance on one of our Vietnam travel excursions.

Do come back and visit us from time to time. We'll be adding new videos and updated information about travel in Asia on a weekly basis!


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I plan to study in Ho Chi Minh City next year and the advice you are giving is like gold to me.

Nowhere on the internet I could find such good advice."

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"Hi. You're website is amazing. Filled with so much information that is spot on.

We are definitely indebted to you giving us an honest opinion of the places you have been!

This will be invaluable on our tour of Cambodia and Vietnam!"

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