Your best Asia Travel guide

An Asia Travel Guide is a scout, always searching for the best value and the finest destinations worthy of your time.

There are hidden gems that you'll never find in any of the Travel Guidebooks because as soon as a place or property gets listed, the prices raise and the tourist traps are set.

Southeast Asia Travel ElephantThe Elephants in Cambodia are Retired Now, but I Still Live Here

We write information that is useful and relevant as any reliable Asia Travel Guide would. Whether you're seeking the finest attractions a City has to offer, The cheapest or the Finest hotels, restaurants and 'watering holes'.

A good Asia Travel Guide must find it.

We include photographs whenever we can and short Video Tours if we can, to provide that "See and Feel" experience.

The information in this Asia Travel Guide is much more than you'll expect, without the fluff of the Selfie Stick.

A good Asia Travel Guide keeps you informed, yet challenges you on your choices.

Without good information, you'll just be sold to like a number.

We don't yet know what the future holds with the Pandemic closing almost everything, and hitting Asia Travel Guides the hardest.

We all feel uncertain in 2020, and we are trapped in Cambodia for now. We are going to assume that travel will resume once again.

They're not going to keep all those planes grounded forever, but you can boo a hotel online right now for a tenth of the price, and with a money back guaranteed until October 18th, 2020.

Send us an Email at and you'll be surprised at what we've found.

Whatever happens, you'll always find new articles here and a devoted couple enthusiastic about the next adventure.

All the big tech giants are still profitable

This Pandemic will fade, and when it does, ever tour operator, flight carrier, Hotel and tourist destination will raise their prices.

They are already preparing for an anticipated travel boom.

Yahoo Travel, Google Travel, and Bing travel will corner the travel market, because they will not allow for any small business to compete.

Do any search for travel and notice the massive new platforms that each of these giants are preparing.

Asia travel shanghaiWhen Lost in Shanghai you can Best Find the Gems

The Travel guidebooks are dead already

No one will need to carry a heavy guidebook any longer. With the apps that Google, Yahoo, Bing, and even Facebook are building, there is nothing they can't deliver.

It will lac soul and the creativity to find something original and adapt to the ever changing environment. Only an Asia Travel Guide can provide that.

the power will always remain with the consumer

$50USD a night for a 'budget' hotel?

"No Discount!" Fired the receptionist. "We now famous place!"

"Yes", I see. Page 138."

I walked out of there in a huff and walked off with my heavy backpack into the dark, cold streets.

Note: If you are arriving to any City in Southeast or East Asia at night then please book a room even if just for the first night.

I walked from from one Hostel to the next with that heavy bag strapped to my back. It was a hard lesson but I found some of the most amazing, out of the way places on the streets of Shanghai during that early morning trek.

I even eventually found a decent hotel. It had a clean bed, a toilet, heat and hot water. It was a really nice little room and it was $12USD / night.

Of course, it was not listed in my Travel Guidebook.

"Share and You'll Prosper"

Quoted by My Mother

We'll share everything we've learned during the past 7 years and numerous long walks taken in cities throughout Asia.

Share Your Asia Travel Experiences

If you've traveled though Asia before, then you've surely found a nugget of knowledge on the topic.

Let others have a chance to learn from your Asia Travel Guidance.

Write About it.

Invitations to share are located at the bottom of most pages on this site.

The next day, I took this video of a traditional Vietnamese Lion Dance.


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Our Testimonials

Hi, Philip I don't know how long you have lived in Vietnam but your knowledge about this place is amazing.

Thuy, Vietnam

"Hello, Travel Budget Asia. Just want to thank you for all the advice.

I plan to study in Ho Chi Minh City next year and the advice you are giving is like gold to me.

Nowhere on the internet I could find such good advice."

"Regards, Sebastian."

"Hi. You're website is amazing. Filled with so much information that is spot on.

We are definitely indebted to you giving us an honest opinion of the places you have been!

This will be invaluable on our tour of Cambodia and Vietnam!"

-From Brendan

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