A Couple Teaching in Vietnam

by Teacher

Myself and my boyfriend are looking to relocate to Vietnam. We are both Irish, mid 20s.

I have a degree in Primary School Education, and my boyfriend has a degree in Business & Accounting.

We are hoping to teach over there, myself in a Primary School, and my boyfriend teaching English. To date we have not completed any TEFL course, but plan to do so before we depart.

What would be the likelihood of us both securing jobs close to each other? ...or preferably in the same place?!

Also, what is the best time to make the move over there? We are thinking November of this year?

Any information at all would be greatly appreciated! Thank you


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It really depends on which city you want to work in Vietnam. You'll be surpised to know that the Vietnamese like nothing better than hiring couples to work as a team in the same school.

In Vietnam, a man and a woman are not legally permitted to stay together or live together without a marriage license. The Vietnamese highly respect couples. Just make sure to tell them that you are going to be married soon.

Don't worry about any of the morality laws of Vietnam as they do not apply to foreigners.

If I was you I would look for a school in Saigon that will take you both. Easier than you think and I am sure you will have no troubles getting work and finding each other as co-workers in the same school.

November is a bad idea. They have their Vietnamese new year (Called TET) in January or early February (Depends on when
the first full moon shows itself). Even if you get there in early November you may get a maximum of 2 months or less (Depending on how long it takes you to find work) before their holidays set in.

Officially TET is only 1 week long but students usually take off early to reach relatives in the countryside. Schools close their doors for up to a month but things don't get back to normal for about 6-8 weeks. You are best to arrive after the New Year Celebrations May-June as that is when students buckle down again. With only 2 months seniority, you will be the last person back as classrooms swell once again.

It is cool to see the TET celebrations but if you are in need of money it is a bad time to go. The worst, in fact. 2 months in Vietnam waiting for the people to come back to school is pointless. I always loved it because I took a month off (Schols are closed) and relaxed in Laos or Cambodia.

A welcome break if you have been working for the last 7 months but not nice for those just arriving.

Good, Luck to you both,


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