A National Degree Gets Work Permit in Vietnam?

by Bryce Maartens

Hi There

Thanks for all the info its been a real help.

I was just wondering, I'm a 23 year old white guy from South Africa, I'm looking at moving to Vietnam to teach for awhile and I was wondering if my National Diploma in game ranch Management would be enough to secure a work permit?

I'm just about to complete my TESL course and I did some tutor work while I was studying.

Any help would be awesome



Reply from Travel-Budget-Asia.com

Tough question. There is much doubt surrounding the foreign recognition of a National Degree from South Africa. There has been a traditional division in South Africa between Universities and Technikons (polytechnics) as well between institutions servicing particular racial and language groupings.

So, that makes it difficult to judge how a school in Vietnam would view your qualifications. Having said that, I doubt whether a National Degree in game ranch Management will be enough to secure you a work permit.

I don't see you landing a job at RMIT or even ILA. These are example of the top schools. They only accept 4 year degrees from traditional Universities on subjects of the academic persuasion.

They also value experience.

I don't think you would qualify for a work permit upon arrival. You will be able to find a decent job, though. The TESL will be your most valuable document and it should get you in the door at a language school. If you prove to be a well-liked teacher then that could lead to a school sponsoring you for a work permit.

But that will take time. You do not need a work permit to be employed in Vietnam (Unofficially). I recommend that you go once you have completed your TESL and get work where you can. Your employment history and the experience you gain will be more valuable to employers. The work permit will come whether your National Degree gets recognized or not. If you are a valuable teacher, then your school will find a way to get you the Work Permit.

This is Vietnam, after all!

Finding work in Ho Chi Minh City is easy. The noise pollution is harder to put up with.

Good Luck


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