About Us and Why We Started This Website

Hi and welcome to Travel-Budget-Asia!

It started with the very first trip overseas to Asia and it has never stopped. The desire to see new things and experience new ways of life.

The passion grew and there was no choice left but to continue.

We started this website because there were so many things that we wanted to tell. So many ways that the average person could travel on a budget.

We began documenting everything we saw and every trial and tribulation. This was good because it helped us to learn the hard way about what to avoid and the best way to save money.

It made sense to begin to share it all in the hopes that someone could benefit from the mistakes we've made.

I am now what you would call a 'Nomad'. A Nomad that found out how to save the most amount of money while doing what most people consider to be an expensive hobby.

I hope you can take something out of our travel experiences and find out those little details like how to get a Visa to Vietnam in the cheapest possible way. How to get from Cambodia to Vietnam without losing anything or being taken for everything.

How It Started

I knew that if I stayed where I was, I might never get to experience any of the things I'd dreamed of doing in my life. I believe that we all are at a point in time where we need constant change. We also need to welcome change into our lives. Otherwise we'll go stir crazy.

I remember how badly my hands were trembling when I booked that one-way ticket to Hong Kong on New Year's Day, 2001.

No Job and No Home to Return to

I landed in Hong Kong a few days later. I was truly Freaking Out and was almost convinced that I'd made a mistake. But I stuck with it (Mainly because I'd arrived on a one - way ticket).

I soon realized that I didn't have the money to remain in Hong Kong for very long, so I flew into Thailand a week later and headed straight for the beach in Ko Chang.

The month I spent on Ko Chang was probably one of the best of my life. I began to wonder if there was a way to live free of the damn 9 - 5? I still wanted to work but I wanted the freedom to choose what I did and when I did it!

I got a taste of it during that month in Ko Chang. I woke every morning to the sounds of the sea crashing against distant rocks and lapping the beach no more than 100 feet from the front of my door.

Despite that taste of freedom, life hit me as it always did and I soon found a job working as an English Teacher in a private school in Bangkok. I still count those 4 years as the best of my life even though I worked most of the time I was there.

I met my wife while I was living in Bangkok. She's was (and is) one of those people that change your life forever (in a good way). When I went anywhere, I could no more leave her behind than one of my own limbs (Romantic eh?).

It was something amazing when she agreed to marry me four years later. I sometimes wonder if there really is a fate we can't escape. I followed it when I quit my job and was being rewarded for it.

Earn Money While Continuing My Passion for Travel?


That's exactly the idea. Make money writing about the things I love is the dream.

I read one of their books called "How to Make Your Knowledge Sell" and never looked back.

You can get your own free copy here.

In the following years after we started this website, we visited almost every major city that's on the travel Asia pathway.

We visited Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Hanoi, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Vientiane.

We studied each place carefully and wrote about it, taking photos and shooting video along the way.

We also became keen bargain hunters and uncovered gems galore. We wanted to share what what we'd learned from living and working in so many cities in Asia.

And so our Web Site was born.

Needless to say, I don't work 9 - 5 anymore. And I travel a lot.

You can learn more about how I built this Website here.

Thank You for Your Visit

Thanks for taking interest about us and asking yourself why the heck you should bother taking any advice from us at Travel-Budget-Asia.com... I think we can help because we verify all the facts and have lived in over 80% of the places mentioned.

We cherish this video greatly. I put it here because it's also a representation of what's most important to us.

We try and make a yearly trip back to Canada. Once we get there, we try and spend as much time as we can with family, friends and other people who occupy a big space in our hearts.

Here's a video of our Nephew, Andrew, taking his Aunt Lin out for a ride in his new electric powered truck. He loves that car so much yet refused to start it until his passenger had put her seat-belt on!

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