African American Teaching In Sai Gon

To whom this may concern,

I am a native speaker currently living in the United States with a recently acquired TEFL certification (no bachelors yet) but without any real teaching experience but I do have a strong background (Mainly Banking) that indicates that I am a real people person and that I have instructed others even though it wasn't in a class setting.

I will be moving to Sai Gon with in a few short months so I've been proactively searching the job market not for a position really but if a company would even consider my credentials. My focus is to live there long term and there is one subject that I'm not sure you'll be able to answer which is whether or not me being a Black American would hinder me from getting a position (not sure if it's mainly majority Caucasians that would get priority for an English teaching occupation even though I am also a native speaker). Thank you in advance to your response.


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My apologies for the long response. You were batch processed in the wrong place, and I usually do not reply to people who do not give me a name, even if it is a fake name. I would never reveal personal info about anyone seeking advice.

You have asked me to be honest and candid, so I shall be just that. I am always honest, but I don't like using words that could hurt someone.

The truth is, your English language may sound native, but your sentence structure lees me unable to understand exactly what it is you want.

1) The Vietnamese person responsible for hiring at any given school will not respond to you until you are standing in front of him/her. You will either fail to get a reply by applying for work online, or you will be given an offer so low that you will barely survive. You have to get there first before anyone would see you as a serious option.

2) YES. Black skin will hurt you immensely. Vietnamese people are so racist that they rarely hire anyone with dark skin. BUT, when I worked for Cleverlearn (School in District 1), my boss was African-American. But, he was a hard worker and really deserved it. So, it is not an impossible hurtle to overcome, but it will be a hurdle.

3) You wrote this "I will be moving to Sai Gon with in a few short months so I've been proactively searching the job market not for a position really but if a company would even consider my credentials."

The Vietnamese will only consider you as a real human once they meet you. They will judge you on how you dress, how appealing your voice and personality is. They will hire you without even knowing your background, as long as you can make them feel comfortable and easy to laugh with. That's it. Don't waste your time searching to see if your credentials are accepted. I've seen guys with ZERO experience and 'credential get hired over Grad Professors with a Doctorate in linguistics. Be excited and speak clearly and make them laugh. If you can do that, they will hire you.

4) You do not have a degree. You are disqualified from acquiring a work permit because of this. Most my friends are working in Vietnam without a work permit, but they do so illegally. 1 friend was asked to leave Vietnam because of working without a work permit. He has been refused re-entry.

There you go. Reply here and let me know how you get on.


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