The Finest 5 Star Angkor Wat Hotels in The Borei Angkor Hotel, the FCC Angkor Hotel and More

The following Angkor Wat Hotels and Resorts might seem out of place on a budget travel Website.

The cost to stay in a luxury Angkor Hotel is 1/5th the price anywhere else in the world. Every Luxury Angkor Holiday Hotel on this list runs between $80USD to $90USD a night.

Borei Angkor Wat Hotels

We'll call it the budget option on luxury.

You would be wasting a holiday to Asia without staying in a luxurious room at South East Asian prices at least once.

We also feel that staying at a top Angkor Holiday hotel in Cambodia is one of the few chances you'll get to do that.

Especially for people who have left a visit to Angkor Wat for the tail end of their trip. After weeks in 1 and 2 star hotels, a couple of days in the pool or spa of a luxury hotel in Cambodia can be a religious experience.

Many top Angkor Wat hotels are nestled on a huge plot of green grass and Palm trees just outside of the center of Siem Reap. Their spots of paradise usually sit just outside the noisy areas of Siem Reap and just a few kilometers from the Temples of Angkor Wat.

All 1, 2 and 3 star Angkor Hotels call the city of Siem Reap home. For information on Budget Accommodation in Siem Reap please see our Angkor Wat Guest House page.

The Finest Angkor Wat Hotels and Resorts

First is the Borei Angkor Hotel.

The magnificent lobby with the curving staircase is the first thing you'll see when you enter the Borei Angkor. It only gets better from there.

The Borei tops our list for its friendly staff and nears the top in almost every other category.

The $80USD and up rooms would normally cost thousands a night anywhere in the United States or Europe. The Borei sometimes contradicts itself if anything is odd.

That amazing staircase belongs in a museum. It is over the top and too decadent. That may be why the place feels a bit like a museum. People don't seem to hang around while some of the other hotels are hangouts not only for guests.

That is the only negative to a deserving 4-5 star hotel.

Where is The Borei Angkor Hotel?

The Borei Hotel and resort is located on National Road 6, #0369, Banteay Chas Slorkram Siem Reap, Cambodia.

This hotel is just 8 minutes to the main market in Siem Reap and a 14 minute drive in the opposite direction to the Temples of Angkor Wat.

Amenities at the Borei

The Borei has its own fleet of Tuk-Tuks to act as taxis for any guests wanting a ride into town. It costs just $3USD for the 8 min ride to town.

They also have beautiful large rooms, a great full-service spa, a Huge swimming pool, 2 restaurants and many more to list. It has everything you would expect of the 4 and 5 star Angkor Wat Hotels presented here.

Some of the rooms are also unique to the Borei Angkor Hotel. Some offer a cut out wall between the bathroom and the bedroom and all offer large balconies. You will probably end up spending most of your spare time around the magnificent pool area.

The only negative is the aggressive manner in which they try to sell their overpriced tours. They will be at you to sign up for a tour as soon as you walk in the door.

This is common to most Angkor Wat Hotels.

Don't take their tours until you compare them with the best priced, Full Day Angkor Wat Tours.

The Borei Hotel encourages online booking by offering free airport pickup to guests who reserve a room online. That also gives you better room choice and we recommend you book a room with a view of the pool.

And away from the elevator doors that service your floor.

You will also have options like requesting a room that has both an outdoor bathtub and shower on your balcony (And kept spotless by the daily room cleaning).

Use the Hotel Booking Engine to search every hotel site on the internet for the best Room Rates at The Borei Angkor Hotel, Siem Reap.

Read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor.

The Angkor Palace Resort is one of the top Angkor Wat hotels and remains on our list of recommended luxury hotels in the Angkor region.

We could call these places 'Budget 5 star Angkor Wat Hotels and Resorts' because The Angkor Palace Resort starts at about $90USD and up per night for a room.

The pool was my favorite place. You can lie there all day after a visit to the temples, especially if you take one of the Budget 10 hour Angkor Wat Tours.

A dip in the pool is a requirement after that and as pleasurable as it gets.

Where is The Angkor Palace Resort?

No. 555 Phum Kruos, Khum Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap, Cambodia. This hotels sits 1.6km from town and 5.3Km from the Angkor Temples.

The Angkor Palace Resort is closer to Siem Reap city than some of the other 5 star hotels. The Main markets are less than a Kilometer away and they mark the center of Siem Reap.

If you want to be out at the clubs during the night then it's better to be closer to the city. Trips into the city are easy with the hotel's free shuttle service.

If you prefer the quiet then Angkor Wat Hotels that are a little further out of the city are best.

Amenities at the Angkor Palace Resort

Angkor Palace Resort

One of the biggest attractions should be the availability of dining options for Vegetarians. You can choose from a...

  • Vegetarian Amok Curry
  • Vegetarian Fried Rice
  • A Vegetarian Noodle Plate
  • Or The Soup and Sandwich Option for Vegetarians

That is not so common in Cambodia.

The amenities include Fresh fruit in your room everyday, Free internet (including wireless), VIP airport pick-up for just $5 per person, Outdoor and Sunshine swimming pool (with mini bar) and free shuttle service into town.

There are so few negative reviews written anywhere about this specific Angkor Wat Hotel that you really can't go wrong. The worst reports are cleanliness related (Like a smelly Pool) but that could just be because the filters were on the fritz.

Find out what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor


Use the Hotel Booking Engine to search the internet and every hotel booking site for the best prices on rooms at The Angkor Palace Resort.

FCC stands for the Foreign Correspondents Club. The Club was first built in the capital city of Phnom Penh as a refuge for journalists and media types covering the war in Vietnam.

Its fame continued to grow because of the great quality of the food and the open air ambiance. There is a rich history and you can see it and even feel it in the ambiance.

Then they built the FCC Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap. They got in the game early and I ranked them as number 1 when they first opened.

They have steadily declined in power and stature because the food they serve now in both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap is a shadow of its former self.

The biggest complaint at the FCC Angkor hotel is the food.

Despite that, we simply cannot ignore the FCC Angkor Hotel. It is a truly beautiful place with great ambiance and much to offer.

Where is The FCC Angkor Hotel?

They are on Pokambor Avenue, Siem Reap, Cambodia. You can't miss it. It practically is Pokambor Avenue.

Psar Chaa Market is just 1 km / 0.6 miles away and Angkor Wat is 5.7 km / 3.5 miles away. Nice location in my opinion because it is quiet yet close enough to town, its bars and the Temples of Angkor.

Amenities at The FCC Angkor Hotel

FCC Angkor Hotel

The quality of the food may be declining but the FCC Angkor Hotel just has the nicest ambiance, a pool area fit for a King and a bar fit for a Movie Star.

The Room facilities are very comfortable and infused with the smell of the burning citronella candles in and outside of the room. They offer a turn down service and a surprise treat on your pillow as well.

There are a few good local galleries and boutiques on the hotel site. They may not have the lowest pricing but you can often find something unique that would make great 'bring-home' keepsakes of your visit to Angkor Wat.

I personally believe that the little things make the FCC a very nice option in the Angkor Wat Hotels market. There is an obvious pride in the staff at the FCC.

The FCC would be considered the top hotel to work in amongst the locals because of the rich heritage and the famous name. The staff just seem proud to be working there and it shows.

Find out what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor


Use the Hotel Booking Engine to search for the very best prices on rooms at The FCC Angkor Hotel.

This is our example of soulless beauty. The FCC Angkor Hotel has a comfortable feeling akin to a welcoming home.

The Somdevi is like a hollow yet beautiful place that could never feel like home despite the near flawless appearance and service.

We visited each hotel in the area. These were our favorites listed in the order that we saw them.

Somadevi Angkor Hotel

The Somdevi was still a standout because the staff were extremely polite and helpful, the rooms are kept very clean, the food (Especially the Buffet) gets top marks.

All that without mentioning one of the best pools.

Complaints are usually to do with poor plumbing, slow and expensive internet and hard beds and furnishings.

I felt it lifeless after seeing and relaxing at the FCC Angkor Hotel.

The worn comfortable chair or the slick and modern soulless beauty?

Where is The Somadevi Angkor Hotel?

Sivatha Road, Mondol II Village, Svay Dangkum Commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Use the Hotel Booking Engine to search for the very best prices on rooms at The Somadevi Angkor Hotel.

Read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor

All the Other 3 to 5 Star Hotels

You can always have a look at what other travelers at TripAdvisor have to say about hotels in Siem Reap

Then use the city-specific hotel search engine to find the best priced 3-5 star Angkor Wat Hotels.

Those are our favorites of the Angkor Wat hotels that belong in the 4-5 star category of luxury. If you are ever going to try a top hotel for under $100USD, then Angkor Wat is the place to do it.

This is a Budget Travel website. That always means that we have a huge selection of 1 and 2 star accommodation options on our Siem Reap Hotels page.

Choose which of the many Angkor Wat Hotels that you want to stay in. Even choose the room's location in the hotel. Just don't arrive in Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) without knowing where you are going to stay the night.

Otherwise people will herd you into a room that is overpriced and not of your choosing. We only reserve a room online. We never pay until after our stay.

None of the Angkor Wat Hotels we offer ask you to pay upfront. I don't allow them on the website.


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