Angkor Wat Travel and tour options to Get around the Temples of Angkor

Angkor Wat travel from the Temple and the surrounding 400 square kilometers around the Angkor Wat Region requires some sort of transportation.

Knowing where to find the best options to travel the Temples and what to expect on your visit to Angkor Wat will leave you informed.

Informed people who visit Angkor Wat are better able to distinguish what is fair and what is not.

That way you can negotiate a better price and more favorable terms from whoever you choose to provide your Angkor Wat Travel services.

Because you can't provide your own.

The law requires that someone provide whatever Angkor Wat travel options you'll need. You can't walk to the Temples of the Angkor Region and you are no longer allowed to rent your own motorbike without some kind of Cambodian license.

You might see some foreigners driving around on motorbikes but they cannot provide you with transport to and around the temples at Angkor Wat.

We'll show you what your options are and what they will or should cost you. The Angkor Region has some older, pristine and uncrowded areas far from the main temples that many people should see.

We tried every option available to anyone visiting Angkor Wat and every other temple in the surrounding Angkor Archeological Park.

You should know that you can,

  • Take an Angkor Wat Tour
  • Ride the Back of a Motorbike
  • Take an Air-Conditioned Taxi
  • Go by Cambodian Tuk-Tuk
  • or even use a rented bicycle...

The Law

The streets are Dangerous to drive and there were a few accidents involving tourists. That's the reasoning behind the law that restricts your Angkor Wat travel options.

We know that the law was really enacted so that your local Angkor Wat Guide could make an unfair living.

Your Angkor Wat Travel, Transportation and Tour Options

Obviously, the most popular way to see the Temples in the Angkor Wat Region is through the Best Priced Budget Angkor Wat Tours.

There is nothing better than having everything you need when you're not even sure what you will need on a trip to Angkor Wat.

There are some excellent tours that run for as little as $65USD and include an Angkor Wat Guide, entry tickets to the Park (A $25USD Value), your own private mini van, a Cambodian lunch and more.

Get more information about this $65USD, 11 hour Angkor Wat Tour.

A Motorbike is Cheaper

It costs between $12-15USD (Inflation update July 2, 2011) to rent a motorcycle and the driver for the day. This will usually just consist of a ride to the Angkor Wat Temple and no where else in between until you meet again at the agreed time and place for your short ride back home.

A Moto-Romauk and a driver for the day will cost anywhere between $35-40USD. The Moto-Romauk is diffferent because it is like a carriage being pulled behind a motorbike. The Carriage seats 4 and the seats are much more comfortable which is a must if you plan on seeing some of the more remote areas of the Angkor Wat Region.

You’ll find both a motorbike and a Moto-Romauk driver stationed outside of every Guest house and hotel in Siem Reap just waiting for you.

Strike a deal if you wake up a bit late and won’t need their Angkor Wat Travel Services for a full day. They will always charge you for a full day unless you make sure to set a price with the driver before you even agree to use them.

Just say "Half Day Only" and they will understand. That is when you decide to either walk away or take the deal. Don't expect them to be nice to you if you walk away and go with another driver, though. They will be the same people outside your apartment everyday.

Don't be bullied. Find what is best for you because the competition for your Dollars is ruthless. Don't take it personally because that is just the way it is. Making easy money off tourists.

Walk away and you'll find another deal just down the road.

Pedal a Bicycle all that way around the Angkor Wat Temples?

Some people rent bicycles and cycle from Siem Reap to the Temples at Angkor. Bicycles are easy to find. You can often see them just sitting in rows outside of many of the Guesthouses.

I have not done it myself and I don’t recommend it. If you’re staying in Siem Reap then you could be up to 6km (or 3.5 miles) away from the front gates of the Angkor Wat Complex.

Just climbing to the top of the main Angkor Temple will exhaust you, never mind adding a 12km bike ride in 31C heat to the equation.

But to each their own.

There are bicycle rentals available at almost every Guest house and they usually cost between $6-$15USD per day (2018).

Be careful doing any Angkor Wat Travel on foot or if you do decide to rent a bicycle.

Stay on designated pathways unless you are a member of the 'Dodge the landmines club'.

Here is the Angkor Wat Map I was telling you about. The Angkor Wat Map on our main Angkor Wat Page is much larger when you click on it.

This is a small Angkor Wat Map but I find it to be highly detailed and one of the easier Angkor Wat maps to read and understand.

Archaeological sites in the Angkor Region

Taxi Cabs are Everywhere for Angkor Wat Travel Services

You could also hire a Taxi but it is expensive and most of my time was spent hiking the Temples of Angkor rather than navigating the traffic anyway.

I hired a motorbike driver who drove me around the site to the different temples I wanted to see. He waited patiently outside for me each time and then took me to the next temple.

He was really a great guy for the first part of the morning.

At about mid-day I took a break and my driver dropped me off at the row of tent-like restaurants near Angkor Thom.

He asked me for some good faith money up-front so I gave him $5USD and off he went to ‘buy lunch’.

I figured he would come back for the other $9USD, so I wasn't worried.

And he did!

He pulled up to my table and calmly got off his motorbike, stealthily putting his kickstand down in one fluid macho movement.

But once he had straightened his stance, he wobbled precariously and fell flat on his face. He was as drunk as the worm at the bottom of a Tequila bottle!

I hired another driver for the last half of the day. They are not all like that but, to be on the safe side, don’t give them any money until the end of the day.

I have been back to Angkor Wat Twice since and will always take the cheap but well organized and convenient Angkor Wat Tours.

They are the best way to enjoy any Angkor Wat travel and they are the best way to get out to the more remote parts of the Angkor Wat Region.

Angkor Wat Tips for Bikers or Hikers

It can be exhausting hiking around the Temples at Angkor. You’ll enjoy the day a whole lot more if you take comfortable walking shoes, light clothing and drink plenty of water.

I always hit one of the abundant convenience stores in Siem Reap and fill a knapsack before heading to the Temples for the day.

I eat a lot.


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