apostilles for Vietnam Work Permit

by Shaya

Good morning,

I am looking into teaching ESL in Vietnam. I am wondering if you could tell me if I need to get a visa before I go, or can it be done there in the country.

I was also wondering if anyone there knows if I am required to get an 'apostille' on my college diploma and transcripts, in order to get a work permit to teach ESL in Vietnam.

I have gotten some conflicting reports from folks...one person said the US consulate there in Vietnam could 'notarise' these documents, but the US Dept of state web site says they DON'T provide this service.

I am in a bit of a quandary because the college I attended is in California, and I now live in Missouri.

I was told I could get a notary public here in Missouri to notarize a copy of my diploma/transcript, and then get an apostille from the Missouri Dept of State.

The Missouri Dept of State has a policy that they will not issue apostilles for colleges outside Missouri. I am still trying to figure out if I can get an apostille from CA long-distance.

If it is not needed, that would be a relief.

Thank you very much!

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Feb 17, 2015
Apostille for Vietnam Work Permit
by: Philip

As of Februray 7th/2015. You must get a visa OUTSIDE of Vietnam in order to enter the country. There are no visas available at the border. The maximum duration for Visas to Vietnam is 3 months.

If you intend to apply for a work permit, then you can stay indefinitely (Or until your school stops sponsoring you).

If you do not have the Requirements for a Work Permit (Bachelors Degree, TEFL or CELTA, and criminal record background check) then you should see our page on Getting a Work Permit in Vietnam.

An "apostille" is a form of authentication issued to documents for use in countries that participate in the Hague Convention of 1961. Vietnam does not.

The US Embassy in Vietnam does not advertise this service but they do provide it. That means there is a fee per document page and it is not cheap. (Maybe that's why they don't "Provide" this service.

Get your 3 month visa, get to Vietnam and apply to every school once in Country. If they want to hire you, they will find a way around everything for you. My school does and so it does for everyone I know, Degree or no Degree.


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