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Don't tell your mother or even your best friend. Even though they love you, they can't possibly relate unless they have been there themselves.

Their eyes will slowly glaze over as you tell your story. They mean well but it's an impossible task to make them understand.

It's like a skydiver trying to explain the rush he/she feels the first time he/she jumps from an airplane into the unknown.

Jump Right In!

But the people who come to this website have been there and know what you mean.

We all want to hear the different ways in which others saw, felt and touched the world they encountered on their Asia travel adventure. Lets hope they share their Asia travel stories with us.

I love to hear it, read it and debate it until the sun goes down and then back up. Travel is in my blood and it will be the same for many other visitors to this website. That's why it's the place to share your Asia travel stories.

So this is your time. Post your favorite photograph as long as it's not of your naked tush! And remember to include at least one detail that might help someone who may be heading to Asia for the first time.

They may even vote you the top Asia Travel Expert!

You will always be in control of the webpage you create. Delete your Asia travel stories at any time or forward it to anyone you want. Heck, you could even add the YouTube embed code of your favorite video!

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How has travel through Asia changed you? Tell us about your favorite spot, hotel or restaurant.

Heck, speak Swahili if you want to.

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Tell us about your favorite of the many Amusement park rides at Ocean Park. Or read other Asia travel stories about Ocean Park that others have written.

Ocean Park Hong Kong has been the focus of cruelty allegations for many years. Most zoos that keep wild animals in cages have come under attack.

Is there any good reason to hold wild animals but for the profits they generate at the ticket counter?

Here's a chance to show off your photography skills. Upload your best picture of Hong Kong and tell us the story behind it. We will publish it and, if you include your real name, you may win over some fans.

Offer full prints for sale if you'd like.

Come on in out of the cold and tell us what made you love or hate Lamma Island. I feel that it's one of the most overlooked excursion trips out of Hong Kong.

Maybe include how you got there. You won't believe how much other people appreciate the advice, especially when they are traveling Asia for the first time and are looking for a friendly voice to ease their stress and worries about going it alone.

It's the reason we created an area for those seasoned road warriors to help others with their Asia Travel stories.

I feel that you must take the train out of Bangkok for Aranyapratet. It is such a beautiful ride in the early morning that you get to see rural Thailand already hard at work in the fields.

There are faster, safer, more practical methods for getting from Bangkok to Cambodia. Have any Asia travel stories that include crossing the border from Thailand into Cambodia? Tell everyone about your experience with Angkor Wat in Siem Reap as your final destination.

Read what others have written about getting from Thailand to Cambodia and Angkor Wat.

This single structure amongst hundreds of square miles of temples is truly a wonder of the world. When you stand in front of it for the first time you will experience emotions you may not have felt before.

You can't have a visit here without coming away with an amazing Asia travel story for us.

What was your favorite temple and how did your visit make you feel? Or give your opinion on our most worrisome of questions; Will tourism destroy what remains of the great temples in and around Angkor Wat.

Read what others have written about Angkor Wat.

Where the heck to stay? Is it safe at night for humans to walk amongst the gun-toting locals?

People have a lot of questions about whether Phnom Penh is worth the trip. Ask those questions right here on the Asia travel stories page and we'll answer them quickly.

Better yet, tell us your Asia travel story about Phnom Penh.

Perhaps you took an elephant ride around Wat Phnom? Did the monkeys or giant fruit bats scare you just a little? Come on. This is all anonymous, you don't need to register or even give us your real name.

We just want your Asia travel stories.

Read what others have written about Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

This is the most famous extermination camp of the Pol Pot regime. They were responsible for the slaughter or nearly 3 million Cambodian people. The Killing Fields (Made Famous by the Movie) is home to thousands of dead, buried in mass graves.

See the page and watch the videos. Is this kind of thing destined to happen again? Has it a home in some part of human nature?

The home of the most popular Cambodia Beaches. Back me up and tell everyone how the beaches in Sihanoukville trump any in Vietnam by a mile.

Read the Asia travel stories others have written about Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

Tell us about the walk back to your guesthouse after a day on this beach. Have a few too many beers and did night fall on you as you sat watching the sun go down with a frosty beer cooling the palm of your hand?

Go back to that time. Tell us your Asia travel stories that are themed around beer. Reminisce so that we can all enjoy and benefit from you knowing the best watering hole or spot to lay on Otres Beach. Or ask us any question you want.

You want to know more about the different beaches around Sihanoukville. Why waste time on a beach that is miles away and just...ugly? Kos Pos beach is another beach worth mentioning and we include it here in the debate over the best beach in Sihanoukville.

Wouldn't swim here. Wouldn't sunbathe here and it's not included in the debate over best Cambodian beaches in Sihanoukville.

But it is by far the best beach to watch the sun go down.

The beer bars, the sunset views and the greasiness of the area are something to be discussed.

Sokha Beach is owned by the Sokha Beach Resort. They aren't so strict as to kick all non-guests off the beach but you have to stay on the low end of the radar.

This is a top resort and they have chosen their private beach well.

If you have seen it then let us know. Is it really the best beach in Sihanoukville and do you need the speed to outrun security if you're not staying there?

If you take the bus then you'll have to cross the Mekong river on your way to Phnom Penh from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Make sure your windows are closed and secure as the bus sits waiting for the ferry. The kids come rushing to the side of the bus banging on the windows and trying to shove anything they can through to you.

Once it's in your lap they figure you have to pay for it.

Brave it and get out of the bus to explore the market. You can eat a turtle right out of its shell or pull the legs off a deep fried tarantula and suckle on them for the ride into Phnom Penh.

Tell us about it. Fast boat from chau Doc or bus?

Read other Asia travel stories that other visitors have written about the trip from Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon) to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

We need travel writers! Job doesn't pay yet but exposure for your stories on Vietnam will get to lots of readers and thus attention.

Read what others have written about Vietnam.

Some people figure Ho Chi Minh city is hell on earth. We argue that indeed it is a place derived from the broth of a pig's belly. But maybe that's because I lived there for 2 years.

Sounds like harsh words. I just feel that because Cambodia, Lao and Thailand are such incredible places that I'd rather see you spend your time there than too much of it in Vietnam.

Read other Asia travel stories visitors have written about Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam.

Is the maid a thief? We rate all the hotels worthy of a very good or very bad rating.

Stay at Minh Chau Hotel on 75 Bùi Vien street in District 1 and you will meet an owner that seems a darling. Until she loses money on her football gambling.

Shit rolls downhill onto the shoulders of the guests at the Minh Chau Hotel. Beware.

Don't forget to read what others have written about Ho Chi Minh City Hotels of note.

The question we have is why bother with Danang when Hoi An is a 1000 year old city just an hour or 2 away. Then again, you get a more genuine look at everyday life for the average Vietnamese.

And it can be a lot cheaper to stay in Danang.

Nowadays they have a hot-line you can call to report beggars who bother you on the beach. Now the beggars have gotten to dressing in worn out suits and ties while attempting to hard sell you on a plastic mirror made in China for $23USD.

A man's gotta eat...Or maybe just drink.

I would especially love to hear from any Vets out there who served in Danang and visited China Beach while on leave. Would you return? Read the page and watch the video to see what it's like now and then write a story for us idiots who never gave credit to the brave men who served their country.

No matter what you think about the government or the worth of ever sending troops into battle in Vietnam, these men thought and acted for what they believed was the protection of our freedoms.

I'm hoping to hear from people who have visited the Cham Museum and may have possibly come to the same conclusion as me.

My Son, Vietnam, Angkor Wat, Cambodia and Ayutthaya, Thailand were all built by people who had seen the same gods and their art and architecture was influenced by the same people.

If you've chosen to spend a few days in Danang then do some research on our Danang hotels page before deciding on where you are going to stay.

If you have stayed in a hotel in Danang and really liked it then be kind enough to share with others looking for a decent place to stay while in Danang.

Hotel recommendations from people who have nothing to gain are always the most reliable.

I went looking for the best beach in Vietnam. I listed all of them with photos and video. Tell me your Asia travel stories that any of the beaches in Vietnam and future visitors will praise you.

What Would You Recommend as a 'Must See' in Asia?

Unleash that story to people who will really appreciate it.

The things that still make you laugh when you think back on them.

Good information takes money out of the pockets of the rip-off establishments and puts it in the pockets of the honest folk who make our trips great.

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