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Can I use my bank card (Scotia Bank) in Ho Chi Minh City?


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Ho Chi Minh City is packed with ATM machines. I stick with the machines at the Australian - New Zealand bank, or ANZ as you'll see them in Vietnam.

They accept Interac cards. If you look on the back of your ATM card and see the Interac Logo, then it works in HCMC. I know for a fact that Scotiabank has it and works at any ATM machine in Ho Chi Minh city because I use them myself.

Just remember to notify your branch of the dates you will be in Vietnam, taking money from your account. Your Branch will shut off your ATM card after the first time you withdraw money if you don't.

Your bank branch will then try to contact you at home and verify why money is coming out of your account in Vietnam. Of course, you won't be home to answer that call because you are in Vietnam. No one else can speak on your behalf.

Loads of trouble for me. Now I notify my bank before I leave home of the dates I will be away on my trip. I walk into my branch, sit down with the branch officer and present her with a letter of dates I will be away.

Then I look her in the eye and say, "Please don't forget". That usually gets her to enter the info into the computer right away. Sounds like going overboard a bit but you should see my branch manager.

Please don't conclude that my attraction to my bank manager in any way diminishes the quality of information provided

Never had a problem with my bank since but good advice, especially because you are a fellow Scotia Banker.

Please come back to this site and feel free to write about your own travels in Vietnam. It would be really appreciated by everyone.

Good Luck on your trip.


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