ATM Machines in Vietnam

by Philip

Someone told me that there are no ATM machines in Vietnam. I know this is not true after reading some other websites but I get the feeling that they are somewhat rare in the smaller towns.

Is any of this true? Am I gonna have any problems with a normal ATM card with Interact?


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The Vietnam Government does not allow any foreign banks to place ATM machines within Vietnam. Even though there are many foreign banks such as CitiBank operating in Vietnam, the only ATM machines you'll find are from Vietnamese banks.

This does pose a few problems.

  • Fees are Higher

  • Some ATMs Don't Support International Banking Through 'Interac' and Such

  • Vietnamese ATMs are Unreliable at Night (Out Of Cash, Down For Maintenance)

  • Fewer of them Because of Lack of Competition

On top of that, many Vietnamese refuse to keep money in a bank account and thus don't have use for an ATM card, making the machines unpopular and thus less prevalent.

ATMs for withdrawal of Vietnamese Dong can be found in most major airports, hotels, and major cities throughout Vietnam. Most, not all by far.

Ask your tour guide or hotel for help when you need to locate an ATM but never count on them with your life.

Be aware that you cannot withdraw US dollars or any other currency from any ATM in Vietnam. Only Vietnamese Dong is available. As well, no bank will change Vietnamese Dong into other currency but the other way around is fine. Hypocrites!

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