Avoid VATC

by Stephen

I worked for VATC 4 months in Vinh Long City then 3 months in Can Tho. They treat foreign teachers like dog-poopoo and even accused me of being "not efficient, fast-talking and women-lover".

Later I found out they just want to hire Vietnamese teachers for less money and - of course - less learning experiences and knowledge. Some younger female students asked for my cell phone number and kept calling me for dates.

When I told them - just to stop the invasion - I am married and can't get along with this issue, the "charges" appeared...


Reply Travel-Budget-Asia

Waa Waa. Come on, mate. All that was done to you was a compliment of the utmost. They were threatened and jealous of you. Fact.

You desire fairness from the people around you but they won't live up to it very often. I hope you just realize that all the people who made your life hard considered you a better man than them.

You were in Vinh Long City then 3 months in Can Tho? These 2 cities have driven people bonkers. My friend did 7 months down there and he said it was the boys asking him for dates!

He declared never to return to Can Tho after that (Not because of the boys). It is a city that is still so isolated and foreigners are rare compared with ... almost anywhere.

You said no thus someone "Lost Face" somewhere along the line. That is when you became a target. Other teachers were threatened so Wham - Get you out of the mix!

They got rid of you because you were making them look bad.

VATC in Ho Chi Minh City is not the same. I stand by them as a reasonable option for people looking to pocket some money so that they can continue their travels.

I say you take a trip to Phnom Penh and you will be amazed. You will feel the stress of Vietnam evaporate almost the minute you reach the Cambodian border crossing.

You may only get half the pay as a teacher in Phnom Penh but the people are gracious, kind and quiet. They love a good time out and are not as invasive as in Vietnam.

Sometimes I think Vietnamese people are in a competition to make more noise than anyone else. They figure that the noisiest person deserves the most attention.

You sound like a good guy. One day you will find people who are not intimidated by your greatness :).

I hope you still find tolerance for the people of Vietnam. They have been through a lot and they are blindly ignorant.

Hardly enough reason to anger you for more than a day or 2.


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Jan 10, 2015
by: Anonymous

I would recommend that ALL foreign english teachers AVOID of this horrible organisation, VATC.
They treat their employees like absolute crap- They lie. They pay nothing compared to even the poorest, most run down schools.

Their contracts have basically ZERO workers rights and they will do/try anything possible to rip you off.

However if you'd like a horrible experience of working in Vietnam- By all means go ahead.

I have worked at many schools in Vietnam and for the most part have had very positive experiences.
Except for VATC- which was an absolutely ghastly experience.

Actually- Microsoft warned me when I initially received emails from VATC. They are listed as a 'fraudulent company' I should have taken the warning.

May 19, 2012
Invitations from Female Students
by: Steven

I can assure every foreign teacher in Vietnam, that if a student or students (basically your whole class) asking you "out", it does NOT mean what it could mean in Western countries.

They simply like you and want show their gratitude to you, practice a bit more English with you, talk to you as a foreigner, out of context, more than when you teach them from the book.

I have this experience since the beginning and never had in my mind that a female student wants engage in - other than "business" relationship.

However, I had such experience and the girl was nice, sweet, in her late 20s, her family very pleasant and we had a nice relationship, which still exists, as we talk. Of course, she is NOT my student anymore. Live the life until you can.


Reply from Travel-Budget-Asia.com

Your post was amusing and I thank you for it. I agree with most of what you say - the amusing part was the way you completely contradict yourself by saying that this was how you met your current girlfriend.

I have no ill thoughts and appreciate the post but you can't deny that some girls will want to go out and have you as their boyfriend. You can't say that because it happened to you!.

I agree. Live the life until you can ... Just don't let the school find out.

Take care of her, my friend.


May 19, 2012
VATC is a Rotten School
by: Anonymous

Poor contracts, confusion about the teachers role, bad housing and the general problems of Vietnam mean some teachers are pushed to breaking point. I had such a terrible experience there and unfortunately it has soured my opinion of the country greatly. For anyone considering teaching in Vietnam, forget about it.


Reply from Travel-Budget-Asia.com

Ah, Vietnam. It is not the place for everyone. The fact is that despite the millions of new tourists arriving every year, only a very small percentage ever return. It's a fact, yet most talk well of their experiences there.

Going over the edge? I have personally watched 4 close friends lose it.

One guy had come from a farm on the Prairies of Canada. After 4 months in Saigon he decided to walk to work naked down the middle of the road. We watched him from the coffee shop outside of the school. He was challenging every person who drove by to come near him. He had walked that road everyday to work and he was so sick of the motorbikes flying past (Hitting him on 2 occasions) that he had enough.

Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi can be most overwhelming. It is the noise pollution and the lack of consideration that the Vietnamese show towards other people that can become a volcanic turbulence of emotion after a prolonged stay. It can be fun the first 2-3 months but working there and Touring Vietnam are very different experiences.

Despite that, I would not say 'Forget It'. Some people seem to feed off the 'war to their senses' and others find it a challenge to 'Become and Island' and learn to ignore anything but which is useful to them. Almost a type of meditation. Even I have lost my temper with them yet I have chosen not to expect anything from them. When I come across a good person, I am so much more aware of it.

Don't expect any of them to ever meet your standards. You'll stop getting annoyed when they don't and when they do you make a note of that person and appreciate them.

I am also reminded that Vietnam has endured nothing but war for 100s of years. It is all they know and it reminds me of a saying I heard 'A country that only knows war turns war upon itself during times of peace'. I always remember that because it really does seem as though they are all at war with each other for a heightened stance within that society. It is interesting to consider that I might turn out to be exactly the same as them if I had grown up in a situation like they have.

I've met some good Vietnamese. Most have never known the richness of life that we had growing up in our home countries. Makes me phone my Mom more often!


Apr 08, 2012
Male Students Asking for Dates!
by: Anonymous

Hey, I think there's a misunderstanding here. I mean male students asking for dates. Maybe because you are kind of nice person and a good teacher, so they just want to treat you for a drink, things like that. That's the way students show that they love you as a teacher.

And about female students, you are absolutely right here.


Reply from Travel-Budget-Asia.com

Not quite sure who you were speaking to but...

You are correct that students will ask you out and are usually just interested in spending time with you and the rest of the class. My reply to this fellow was just to remind him that he may have unintentionally made someone 'Lose Face'.

Thus a potential reason for his dismissal.

However, male students WILL approach you and ask you out on a date. They will usually ask for your telephone number first. If you give it to them, they may follow you and even phone you late into the night. I have experienced this myself along with many others.

If you have lived and taught English in Can Tho City, Vietnam and not been asked out by a male student, then you have not been there very long or you are unattractive.

Not talking badly about anyone here. It is just a fact that many of the homosexuals living there are very attracted to foreigners.

Nothing wrong with it but it can lead to odd situations that you never intended to land yourself in.


Jul 21, 2011
Teaching English in Cambodia
by: Anonymous

If we talk about Cambodia, can you tell me something about teaching there? I have Univ diploma and TESL certificate. It is necessary to go Phom Phenh to get a job, or can be done thru Skype, for example? What about the salary?


Reply from Travel-Budget-Asia

Done through Skype? Not in Cambodia yet because of poor internet coverage. Vietnam has better internet than Cambodia but not much faster.

Phnom Penh usually offers less salary than Vietnam and more in line with Thailand. Most teachers live on $1000USD - $1500USD a month. The simple reason is that people flock to Cambodia and stay.

Vietnam is a great place for a few months but the way of life is so invasive, noisy and stressful that the extra money is not worth it.

Not to me.

At least that is the reason the country in general has such a huge 'Turnover Rate'. Phnom Penh is a more peaceful place. People don't honk their horns in Cambodia. Only the Vietnamese honk their horns so incessantly.

I loved my time in Vietnam. I actually spent just 3 months there looking back. I was there for more than 3 years but I always took 1 month off every 3 months.

If you have not been to Phnom Penh then you should go. It is easier to get a job because you don't have any work permit requirements or heavy TEFL qualifications.

It is less stressful when you can buy a 6 month visa at any travel agent on every corner of every block. The restrictions are lax, the people are friendly and the nightlife fantastic compared with Vietnam.

I am big on Cambodia as a teacher. There are some problems with poverty and people victimizing the poor but you can go there and volunteer to teach English to poor kids learning in a small school at the foot of the Cardamon(sp?) Mountains.

They offer food and accommodation for free but no pay. The kids are so thankful and it is a wonderful experience.

I was there for a week just last year and I taught them English in class. They would often take me on a field trip of the area after that. It is a beautiful place but with so little to do other than your job and exploring that a week was long enough.

Hope this helps. Have a look at our Cambodia Travel page.


Jul 21, 2011
by: Travel-Budget-Asia

I disagree about Kampuchea (Cambodia). The people are softer in so many ways and the people are outstanding.

I did spend over 4 years in Vietnam so it has it's attractions but Cambodia is the place for me.

Good luck in the future, my friend.


Jul 20, 2011
No Cambodia, thanks
by: Steven

I was in Campuchia 2 times and I am not convinced. I like Vietnam and the Vietnamese better than Cambodians. My point was VATC in those 2 cities and that's all. A bad apple on a tree doesn't mean ALL apples are bad.

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