All the Beijing Transportation options to get around the city

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This page is a list of Transportation options in Beijing.

You can get to know the Beijing Subway, the Beijing Train Station, and which Bus, Boat or Helicopter you'll need to get around Beijing.

We'll start with the best way to get from the Beijing International Airport to your hotel.

If you are arriving in the early morning or even mid-day, finding what you'll need for the coming night will be pretty easy. If you are arriving as the sun goes down then everything changes.

You have to approach your first night in a different way.

Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai become completely different  cities once night falls.

They know that you have no options if arriving at night without a previous Beijing hotel booking. Your cost will be ten-fold and you will be happy just to have a bed to sleep in after the long flight to Beijing

I always have my first night sorted before I arrive in Beijing. I wouldn't say that about many cities because I love the 'Not Knowing'.

Have a look at the Beijing Transportation options for getting from the Beijing International Airport to whatever your destination.

There is massive choice when it comes to Beijing transportation.

Beijing Airport Private Transfer Shuttle Bus

This is the most comfortable, hassle-free way to get from the Beijing International Airport to your hotel in Beijing.

If you were planning on taking a taxi then consider this instead. It is the budget first-class way to go to and from the airport in style, yet on par with taxi fares.

These are the guys that will greet you at the airport no matter how early or late you flight gets in. They will hold out a sign for you and then whisk you away from the airport.

They take you right to the doorstep of your hotel and save you the hassle of finding a ride, bargaining a price and hoping your luggage fits in their trunk.

The service can be booked online in advance. All you need do is give them your flight number and they'll be there to pick you up.

Learn more about the Beijing Airport (PEK) to Hotel Roundtrip Transfer

Travel to Beijing City Center by Light Rail

This is an Airport Express Rail link that's an add-on to the Beijing Subway system.

It runs from both terminal 1 and 2 to Xizhimen subway station in the Dongzhimen area of the Beijing City center.

Tickets cost ¥25RMB ($3USD) and the trip takes about 16 minutes.

Learn more about the Beijing Light Rail Airport Line.

Beijing Transportation and the Airport Shuttle Bus

Tickets for the airport shuttle bus cost ¥15RMB ($2.5USD)

You can't miss where the Beijing Airport Shuttle bus arrives and leaves from. Just head through the outside doors directly from the Arrivals area of the airport and you'll run into a bus sign that says: "Airport Shuttle Bus".

The Airport-City Shuttle Bus takes five different routes into the city. They are Xidan, Gongzhufen, Fangzhuang, Beijing Railway Station and Zhongguancun.

The most popular route is to Xidan, which is in Central Beijing and just a short walk from the Forbidden City. Have a look at the best budget room prices in Xidan or other areas of Beijing.

There is also an Airport Shuttle bus that heads into Tianjin and drops you at the intersection of Nanjing Lu and Shanxi Lu.

The bus leaves every 30 minutes from outside Gate 15 in the arrival level of Terminal 2.

Tickets will cost you ¥70RMB and the bus leaves the airport every 30 minutes every day from 7am-11pm.

Beijing Airport Taxi and city

These guys are the used car salesmen of the Beijing transportation system. You'll find touts trying to get you into their taxis with full intent to rip you off.

If you need a taxi then walk on past the touts and head straight out of the arrivals terminal. Just outside are 2 official taxi lines with drivers who do not expect to be tipped.

The government has really been cracking down on the properly registered taxi companies.

It is about a 45 minutes - 1 hour drive into the city center and will cost you between $30USD and $1,000USD. It depends on how little you know about where you are going.

They will drive around the entire city if you let them get away with it.

Just the threat of you complaining will motivate them. See Complaint Phone Numbers below for each of the major taxi companies in Beijing.

Make sure to have the destination address either written in Chinese or marked clearly on a map.

Few of the drivers speak any English, even when they are fluent. They will never tell you.

Beijing taxi complaint phone numbers

  United Crescent Taxi

(新月联 合)

6736 6666

Yinjian Taxi


8361 1888

   Shou Qi Group Taxis


6406 5088

Beiqi Jiulong Taxi


8456 5838

Northern Taxi


6120 2027

Yuyang Group/Wanquanyuan


8760 5585

Beifang Quangye


6120 6596

Lucky Dragon Taxi


5133 5051

Wanquansi Taxi


6338 3123

Sanyuan Taxi


8797 1518

Capital Alliance Taxi


8151 4646

Beijing Public Buses

Airline operated buses run to various parts of the city on 5 different routes. You can buy tickets from a counter inside the terminal.

Buses usually take about 45 minutes - 1 hour to get to the city center.

  • Airport Bus #1 to Fangzhuang

Stops Include:

Capital Airport - Liangmaqiao - Hujialou - Dabeiyao (World Trade Centre) - Panjiayuan - Shilihe (King Wing Hot Spring Intl Hotel) - Fangzhuang (Guiyou Shopping Mall).

The bus leaves the airport every 30 minutes between the hours of 7am - 10:30pm. Tickets are ¥25-30RMB depending on where you get off.

  • Airport Bus #2 to Xidan

Stops Include:

Capital Airport - Sanyuanqiao - Dongzhimen - Dongsishitiao Bridge - Xidan (Civil Aviation Building).

The Bus leaves the airport every 10 minutes starting at 7am and ending after the last flight.

This form of Beijing Transportation will cost ¥25-30RMB depending on where you get off.

  • Airport Bus #3 to Beijing Railway Station

Stops Include:

Capital Airport - Yuyang Hotel - Dongdaqiao (bypassed after 10.30PM) - Yabaolu - Beijing Railway Station.

The Bus leaves the airport every 15 minutes starting at 7:30am and continuing until the last flight in.

The cost for this Beijing transportation option is the standard ¥25-30RMB depending on where you get off.

  • Airport Bus #4 to Gongzhufen:

Stops Include:

Capital Airport - China International Exhibition Centre - Anzhen Bridge - Madian Bridge - Beitaipingzhuang - Jimen Bridge - Friendship Hotel - Beijing TV Station - Zizhu Bridge - Hangtian Bridge - Gongzhufen (Xinxing Hotel).

The bus departs the airport every 10 minutes starting at 7am until 11pm. It will cost you ¥25-30RMB, depending on where you get off.


  • Airport Bus #5 to Zhongguancun:

Stops Include:

Capital Airport - Wangjing (Huajiadi) - Xiaoying - Asian Games Village (Anhui Bridge) - Xueyuan Bridge - Zhongguancun Bridge.

This bus departs the airport every 30 minutes or better between the hours of 8:30am to 9:30pm.

This trip will cost you ¥25-30RMB depending on where you get off.


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