Beijing Travel to the Great Wall and the best Beijing Tourist Attractions

"Your Beijing travel plans will put you in one of the Most Fascinating Cities in the World"

Travel Beijing Wangfujing

Beijing is home to the Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City, The Temple of Heaven and much much more.

That is 3 of the most historically significant tourist sites in the world, all in a single city.

With a little inside information, many of the attractions and establishments in Beijing are affordable to visitors with very little money (Or desire to part with it).

We are going to focus on the information that will best save you time, money and long tourist queues.

90% of budget tourists visiting China use the Lonely Planet China Travel Guidebook like it was a Bible.

Therefore, those 90% end up going to the same places, at the same time and thinking how great an investment that Guidebook was.

Even though it weighs more than a brick and they end up being herded into long line ups and overpriced hotels.

Many believe that all the information they'll need in order to survive any Beijing travel can be found in the Lonely Planet.

They trust the book so much that they follow it blindly and lose the spontaneity that should be part of any great travels.

The book won't tell you that the hotel around the corner is nicer, half the cost, and no one knows about it because it is not listed in the pages of a Lonely Planet Beijing Travel Guidebook.

Once any undiscovered attraction, hotel or restaurant gets a mention in the Lonely Planet, they quickly become tourist traps.

The moment the owners of these restaurants and hotels get a mention in the Lonely Planet, they raise their prices for the crowds of tourists that soon follow.

Beijing travel is big business, but taking a copy of the Lonely Planet along with you is never a bad idea, especially if you like bricks.

You can get more information about the Lonely Planet China at 

I just bought a cheap smart phone. You must show your passport and current visa in order to get a Sim Card in China, but it is worth it.

Or you could bid on a copy on the auction site but I guess that would be a waste of time. Better to get a Mobile Phone

Even if you buy a slightly used copy of last years edition, it's worth it. Unless you can find a way to download the 467 pages of this website. :). That option coming soon! Everything is better when it is free!

Get Your Chinese Visa Before doing your beijing Travel 

You'll need a Chinese tourist Visa before you do any Beijing travel.

There are working visas and business visas to China but we focus on the Chinese tourist visa or 'The L Visa' and what you'll need to do to get one.

Find out more on the China Visa page. You can download the Chinese Visa Application Form there.

Arriving at Beijing's International Airport

I flew into the ultra-modern Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK), which is located in the Shunyi District, about 20km North-East of the Beijing City center.

The Beijing airport is a hub for travel destinations and tickets are very cheap. Try an excursion to Mongolia because it is a cheap excursion and a short flight away.

If you decide to visit Mongolia then make sure you are prepared. Here is by far the best online Mongolia Travel Guide you'll find.

The Chinese spared no expense in order to offer the best impression of a growing China to foreigners with Beijing travel plans.

The Beijing International Airport really is the modern flagship of one of the oldest cultures in the world. Back when the city was named Peking.

I purchased my air tickets online with

The program does an extensive search of all the airlines, booking sites and online price guides to find the best available online Air Tickets for the best prices.

Their price on the flight, including all taxes and fees, was simply the best anywhere. The advantages of booking your flight online are many and growing.

When you book an Air Ticket online you get access to options available only online.

For example, if you want to change the date of your return flight, you can do that online. Also, remember that the further you book ahead, the cheaper the flight will be.

Leaving the Airport for the Beijing City Center

It's so refreshing to be able to get off an airplane without worrying about how you are going to ...

  • Navigate your Way Out of the Unfamiliar Airport
  • Locate the Correct Public Transport with no Measurable Ability to Speak Chinese
  • Endure the Long Bus Ride Wearing the Same Clothes You've had on for the Past 19 Hours

and then

Travel Beijing 2

Sometimes it doesn't make sense to choose the cheapest possible option when getting out of the airport and to your hotel.

A good example is the Beijing airport pick-up service.

The Airport Pick-Up Service will save you massive amounts of time, hassle, stress and sleep. Sometimes that can be worth the extra money.

Budget travel doesn't mean you have to suffer. Arriving in Beijing after a 15 hour flight on a plane, and especially at night makes an airport pickup service a welcomed releif and a safer alternative.

The driver will be waiting for you walk through the arrival's gate. He / She will be smiling and holding up a sign with your name on it.

They will carry your bags and drive you in a comfortable mini-van to your hotel and take your bags up to your room.

Warning! Using these Pre-Arranged Airport Pickup Services are addictive. Once you've used them, it can be hard to return to hauling bags onto public buses just to save $20 Bucks.

The best value airport pickup service shouldn't cost you more than $30USD each way. Taking the public bus into the city center can cost you as little as $5USD but they are not the same thing.

Find out more about the best value Beijing Airport Pick-Up Service.

I used the airport pickup service when I went to travel Beijing in early 2008. My flight was delayed a couple of hours and I wasn't too sure what to expect on arrival.

When I walked out of customs, there was a little Chinese man waiting for me. He was waving a sign in his hands with my name on it.

My driver was waiting for me at 1.30am in the morning! He was really nice, spoke good English and insisted on carrying my bags.

It is one of the few times I'll pay the extra $20USD to get to my hotel, without hassle of waiting for a bus and hauling my bags.

We walked to the minivan my driver had parked just outside arrivals. He spoke loads as we walked, telling me all about Beijing and asking me loads of questions.

He wasn't just a driver but a tour guide as well. He gave me a ton of information about Beijing as we did the 40minute drive into the city center.

You won't get that on the bus or train.

He drove me to the doorstep of the Beijing hotel I had reserved online.

It had only cost me $2.30USD to put a hold on that room, which was a real good deal for the peace of mind it gave me. Peace of mind is a tough thing to secure on any Beijing travel itinerary

You can find out more about the Beijing Bus, the Beijing Subway and even the Beijing Airport Taxis on our Beijing Transportation Page.

What to See on your Beijing travel adventure

You simply can't miss the tourist attractions famous to Beijing and on every Beijing travel itinerary. Especially the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and especially the Great Wall.

Both of the Palaces have been around for more than 500 years, and you can see and feel the history that pervades them and the grounds around them.

The Forbidden City

Forbidden City

The Forbidden City was once home to China's Imperial family, their concubines and the Eunuchs that cared for them.

It is now open to the Public for the first time in over 500 years.

The Palaces within the Forbidden City are as beautiful as any in the country.

Even those who are not architectural enthusiasts will appreciate the brilliant crafting that went into the design of the Halls and Palaces within the Forbidden city.

The Forbidden City also houses the Imperial Museum, which contains some of the rarest artifacts from China's rich history.

Learn more about The Forbidden City and how to get there.

The Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven was where the Emperor of China made sacrifices to the Heavens. He would ask the gods for favors in return.

The Emperor most often requested healthy crops and enough rainfall to avoid droughts and famine.

It's a beautiful place that is even larger than the Forbidden City.

The Temple of Heaven is located in the heart of Beijing and offers refuge from the noise and calamity of Beijing City.

Make a trip there as part of your Beijing travel itinerary and you'll find a quiet moment away from the noisy, polluted city center.

Travel Beijing for too long and you really need a quiet getaway. The Forbidden City could become your Beijing Travel getaway.

Try the best and most affordable Beijing Historical Tour for a trip that includes The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and Temple Of Heaven.

The Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

You have to include the most iconic tourist destination in the world on your Beijing travel Agenda. We'll show you the best parts of the Great Wall to visit with the least amount of tourists.

From the Beijing city center, it's just a short drive or bus ride to the Badaling section of the wall. This was the first section of the wall opened to visitors, and as such is the busiest and most well known.

If you can do one thing while you execute your Beijing travel plans, then get to the Great Wall. It's simply the most iconic thing that you can do when you travel to Beijing.

It is a structure known the world over, and you won't forgive yourself if you miss this experience.

Try the best and most affordable Great Wall of China at Badaling and Ming Tombs Day Tour from Beijing.

Beihai Park

Beihai Park is the forgotten section of the Forbidden City. It was once used exclusively by the Emperor, his inner circle and the highest ranking members of the Manchurian Army.

It is open to the public today and offers many wonderful sights such as The Nine Dragon Wall and The Circular City.

Learn more about Beihei Park and its history before you start your Beijing travel plans.

Beijing Olympic Stadium

Do some Beijing travel and you'll notice one of the recent creations in the city is the Beijing Olympic Stadium. It's also known as the Bird's Nest because of its unique design.

During the Olympic Games of 2008, the structure got quite a bit of publicity, which city officials hope turns into a big draw for visitors to the city in the coming years.

This is a one of a kind building that, along with the rest of the Olympic Center, is going to be pulling tourists and locals in for years to come.

Learn more about the Beijing Olympic Stadium and what it is doing now.

The Beijing Zoo

Beijing Zoo Panda

Another destination that is popular with visitors is the Beijing Zoo. The pandas are always a popular draw, but the zoo has much more to offer, including a number of historical buildings.

The Beijing Zoo has been around in some form or another for nearly as long as the Forbidden City. It was only turned into a zoo in the past hundred years or so, however.

Today it is a place of great conservancy, and the animals continue to draw visitors each year. The Giant Pandas are the most famous residents, but many other animals are housed there as well, including Bears, Tigers, and Crocodiles.

Learn more about the Beijing Zoo, how to get there and what it costs.

The Shopping in Beijing

If shopping is part of your Beijing travel plans, then you must learn about the local markets. Shopping in the local markets is an activity many tourists partake in to get an that authentic connection with the feel of the city.

The night markets are great, especially if you want to try some great food and then take in some of the happening Beijing nightlife. Just remember that the Beijing night Markets are open to the elements.

There is little shelter from the rain and when it rains in Beijing, it is not nice to get caught out without an umbrella. Then again, the rain drops might burn holes in a regular umbrella (Acidic rain, anyone?).

Be sure to check out our Beijing Weather page for a weather forecast before you make plans.

Shopping in Beijing is another great opportunity to become acquainted with life in the city. There are plenty of different kinds of markets, from silk markets to antique markets and much more.

Just be prepared to bargain if you want to get a good deal!

Learn more about the Beijing Shopping and when and how to bargain for the best.

The Nightlife in Beijing

The Beijing nightlife scene has something for everyone planning a Beijing travel adventure.

There are Opera Houses, Tearooms, Modern Dance Clubs, Sports Bars and much more.

You'll find a place to satisfy your desires after dark, whatever your needs.

Learn more about the Beijing Nightlife before you go nocturnal.

Navigate the Beijing Subway System

One of the first things that budget minded travelers can do to save a bit of money is get to know the Beijing Subway. It is much more affordable than taking a taxi and yet less prone to traffic jams.

The Beijing subway provides service to most of the urban and suburban parts of the city, as well as most of the major tourist destinations you will likely want to see.

When making their Beijing travel plans, many people worry that they won't be able to do all the things that make a trip to China special, or that they won't be able to take in all of the culture the city has to offer, especially if they are short on time.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

 Find the right tour of Beijing that best suits you on our Beijing City Tours page. You can see most of Beijing's major tourist sites in a single day.

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