Beijing Weather is so Unpredictable
that Accurate forecasts are Rare

"Beijing Weather Forecasts Must be Made by Man with Fingers Crossed - Confusious"

Gobi Desert... Sandstorms .... are part of the equation in the beijing weather forecasts

If the Gobi Desert decides to blow sand into Beijing city and the air pollution is thick then the weather in Beijing China isn't very pleasant.

That affects tourists because it can't be a great time to walk the Great Wall with a sandstorm blowing.

The good news is that bad weather and sandstorms keep pretty close to a seasonal cycle in Beijing.

We'll show you what to expect in the way of average temperatures, average rainfall and when the seasonal sand storms are at their worst.

That way you can better prepare your Beijing travel plans.

Because climbing the great wall of china during a sandstorm is pure torture.

You have little chance of seeing anything unless you are wearing goggles! Same goes for the torturous Winter months.

The common pattern of the weather in Beijing consists of a long hot summer followed by a very long and chilly winter.

The spring and autumn seasons do exist but are so short that if you blink you might miss them.

The Temperatures reach 30°C - 39°C Degrees centigrade during the month of July and the cold reaches its most bitter in the month of January.

At dawn on January 12 / 2010 the temperature in Beijing reached minus 15.5°C degrees Celsius.

The city is absolutely battered by sandstorms coming out of the Gobi Desert.

Beijing Weather Chart

They come frequently throughout the Springtime and are getting stronger and more frequent every year.

The encroaching Gobi Desert keeps inching closer to Beijing with every passing day, consuming all manner of plant life in the process.

Therefore, the best time to visit Beijing, weather wise, is during the months of September and October.

Not everyone can make it over to Beijing during these two months.

You'd be surprised how many flights are booked to capacity well in advance of the coming months of September and October.

The place we have come to trust most for deals on flights to Beijing is CheapOair

. They have never let us down, even when all the local booking agents insist that the flight is booked, the staff at CheapoAir always find a ticket for us.

You'd be very surprised by how low the prices on airfares to anywhere on the Globe are.

If not, please contact us and let us know about a better, cheaper and more reliable source for flight tickets.

We want to recommend only the very best because people are happy when they find good information on a website.

The more people we make happy then the more our website grows! So it is a Win - Win situation!

Other websites about Beijing weather or Beijing weather forecasts recommend bringing all these specific clothes to suit the different seasons for when you visit Beijing.

Maybe these websites sell the clothes but I believe that you should arrive with as little baggage as possible.

They have everything any other country has but at much cheaper costs. Get into some of the factory outlets in Beijing or Shanghai and you can buy Prada shoes out of the factory.

Some are flawed and cost next to nothing.

I found a pair of 'Flawed' Nike shoes. I paid $8USD for them and I still haven't found the flaw.

I'm not saying you should fly to Beijing naked. It's just a chance to get some new clothes at very cheap prices.

I'm also not saying you shouldn't go to Beijing in the winter. There is nothing like taking in the snow scene on West Hill and then going skating at Beihai Park.

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