Bich Duyen Saigon Hotel at 175 Dien Bien Phu

by Marc
(Mt Carmel Illinois USA)

I stayed at the Bich Duyen Saigon Hotel (pronounced 'yen') for 2 weeks in 2008-09. It is a location where my sister (of Vietnamese origin) has stayed often when she would make her yearly visits.

The staff was friendly and helpful considering that my command of the Vietnamese language is not particularly good.

My room was fairly basic but did include a/c, stocked refrigerator, cable tv and a bathtub larger than you are likely to find in an American home. The elevator was quite functional.

Across the street is Le Van Tam Park, a relaxing place to visit. Flowers were fully in bloom and while I was there, it was decorated for Christmas.....It's amazing to hear English Christmas carols being played here.

Around the corner on Hai Ba Trung Street is Tous Le Jours bakery. It's a great place for a quick meal....browse through their selection of self-serve sweet and savory pastries...and a not bad cup of coffee.


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It is such a helpful resource for people when people come and write stories like this one.

The Bich Duyen has been our favorite hotel in Ho Chi Minh City for 3 years running.

Based on the thousands of reviews over at TripAdvisor, little has changed.

Awesome to get direct opinions from people who have been there and seen it.

Then take the time to share the little secret pastry shops and other hidden Gems that people using their Lonely Planet guidbooks would walk right past.

I think a lot of people will be thankful for your post.

I must disagree about the coffee, though. I have never had a bad cup of coffee in Vietnam. Not bad is bad for Vietnam standards. They really have excellent coffee but I love it cold and full of ice.

To each their own. Also, a big thank you for sharing your experience and advice.


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