Business/Corporate ESL in Saigon?

by Jim
(Bangkok, Thailand)

After sending you the previous "Contribution", I scrolled down and found you had already written about in-house corporate work. What I find in Bangkok is through agencies, who do pre-testing, set up classes and provide materials.

You say that going directly to the business places is the way to do it in Saigon? However, that means you have to do all the prep. That is whole different ballgame than going through agencies.

And are you saying that such agencies don't exist in Saigon? If I do the direct approach, are there bookstores in Saigon where ample ESL materials can be found?

Thanks, thanks, and thanks again.



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Hi Again, Jim.

I answered your first submission article about "Corporate Work Teaching English in Vietnam" under the heading of Leaving Thailand for Vietnam at 60. I got the impression that it was a better Article headline or Summary of Point.

I think my thoughts have been muddled by the conflict I have. I should give you the exact information you need in an easy format. Instead, I feel a personal need to convince you not to go.

I will try to answer what I can from your second Article Submission here and then join the 2 into a single article.

Hope you are doing well since we last spoke.

There are no agencies I know of in Saigon that do what the agencies in Bangkok do. The entire system in Bangkok is more efficient and the Pie has been cut up precisely enough to placate everyone.

In Thailand, the relationship between certain Recruitment Agencies, The Large Private Schools, and the Corporations is a healthy one. In Saigon, it is Dog eat Dog and they are all currently in battle over their slice of the massive and growing EFL Industry in Vietnam.

The most powerful Private Schools in Saigon have the market pretty locked up. If a Corporation needs an English Instructor then they contact the most famous private schools in the City.

The schools are very protective of their Corporate Clients, The Curriculum, Their Identity and especially the amount of money changing hands for your time teaching them.

No one has yet come up with the correct way to essentially rob each school of their slice of the corporate work pie.
You will find some that advertise themselves on the Internet. They will claim to be capable of guaranteeing you a set number of hours at good Schools.

They are all scams. There is no such thinking in Vietnam that has room for the term "Win-Win". If you hand them the honor of finding you work for a fee, they will find you work but it will be at the bottom of the barrel and you will perpetually have trouble getting paid.

That's why I say that they don't exist. I refuse to mention any of them here. You can find Employment agencies in Saigon on the internet but do you really think the big schools are going to give up their slice of the Corporate Pie?

That is the reason I am so emphatic that people moving to Vietnam plan and educate themselves so that they can rely on themselves to serve their best interests.

The Vietnamese 'Friends' you make will have their own interests come first and your interests about 5th.

Doing Your Own Prep Work

All corporate bosses want their employees to have speaking ability above all. A lesson plan will consist of a list of topics and a grammar component to accompany each situational language lesson.

Example: At work you are wanting to motivate someone in a positive way versus a non-productive confrontation. Use the past perfect to accentuate the person's past achievements worthy of mention in an effort to motivate them. After all I need to tell my female co-worker to speed up. She is not as smart as a male co-worker would be.

  1. Confrontational Situational Component

  2. Grammatical Component

  3. Vocabulary Component

Break the class into male / Female or just groups of two. Each of them is to perform the situation in front of the class.

Each day just change the component and how the students will interact with each other.

EFL Teaching Resources

I got my hands on the Instant TEFL Teacher's Kit. It was six months worth of ideas for class activities, tests and lesson plans.

I'm not sure how much it is now. If it is too expensive then the internet is where you'll find EFL Resources but the formula I gave you can work and is flexible.

I just hope I was a bit of help, Jim.

Take, care.

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