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I Wonder Who She Really Is?

I Wonder Who She Really Is?

A Cambodia cooking class is a great way to spend a few hours or a few days, depending on how serious the course is. Below is a post we recently received:

Myself and my wife travel to Cambodia recently. The tour was ok and same as the other travel companies organize i guess. Because we have seen the same people who spend 3 days in a row the same with us too. But our English Speaking Guide was not as good as what we expected.

On the other hand, when the tour end and we have found a Cooking Class we decided to take the course. This is the most enjoyable tour that we had in Cambodia. I strongly recommended this tour to everyone if you are looking for something to see and do beside temples.

A Cambodia Cooking Class that we took was very good price only USD38/person (2people) and if you have 3 people and the price is reduce to USD25/person. The tour started at 9.00am when our guide picked us with his tuk-tuk. From our hotel and go straight to the cooking village.

First we met with the Village chef and he introduce us to the food that we going to cook. There are 4 courses (1-Starter, 2-Main courses and 1-desert, all of these food are 100% traditional Cambodian food.

We know that the price for this cooking class is more expensive than other in town. But i am very sure that you will not get the same experiences like the one we had. we have asked several in town and it was not more details like our guide did with us.

And especially our Class had include Learn how to cook rice in a traditional way too and may cooking class in town didn't include that.

Plus our school took off 10% of the tour price from each person to donate to the local community and support village kids to go to school too. (If i don't see the donation box, i must not believe it) But I seen it and i can see the development / changes from that benefit too. Our local guide have told us that give parents a job, give their kids an education.

So we would like to make a recommendation to you to try a Cooking Class in Cambodia. Maybe while you are in Siem Reap and you looking for something to do beside temples, it is perfect time for you.

Good luck and enjoy your travel
Erik & Monica (Canada)


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Hi there, "Eric and Monika". It is obvious that you are either Cambodian or Vietnamese. I just say that because you write like a Vietnamese person. After 3 years teaching in Vietnam I am very good at spotting the way Vietnamese write English.

So, My guess is that you are Vietnamese and run a cooking school in Siem Reap. I don't mind that you write to us just as you are. You don't need to act like a tourist because you are actually a better expert.

Thanks for all the information. Sorry I could not include the name and address of your company. I have not visited you yet so it is not fair for me to give a recommendation to you.

But I included most of your post. I think it would be a great idea to take a cooking class in Cambodia. It could be romantic and something else to do than wander the Angkor Wat Temples all day.

Just remember that if you buy a 3 day pass to the Temples of Angkor, you cannot take a day off. You must use the 3 days of your pass concurrently.

I took a cooking class in Thailand with my wife once. It was a lot of fun and really cheap. My wife loved it the most but I served her with a platter of deep fried Tarantulas that she was not happy about.

It is a great idea for something to do but I will not recommend any 1 place to readers. The reason is that it is better for travelers to choose their school by first visiting it.

The rule is that the newer the school, the better the experience you'll have. Make sure you go into the back and look in the kitchen and fridge.

So, our advice is to take a 1 or 2 hour Cambodian cooking class if you find yourself stuck for something to do. We also advise that you choose the school while you are there and not take anyone's word for it.

Let your eyes, ears, palate and nose decide because cooking classes to foreigners is a new fad and everyone is rushing to advertise their school.

Let them fight for your business once you are there.

P.S. People should not fear being themselves here.

I think it is wonderful to get advice from someone living in Cambodia who is involved in the very topic of this article on taking cooking classes in Cambodia.

Good health and strong backs to all the travelers out there,


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