Can I teach in Vietnam with a misdemeanor DUI?

by NB

I was recently charged with a DUI. I plan on moving abroad to teach English in about a year. I know in some countries like Korea and Japan this pretty much disqualifies you, but what about in Vietnam?

Does it make it very hard or impossible to get hired to teach English in Vietnam with a misdemeanor DUI?

Also if so, does the issue arise with getting a work permit (which could be avoided by teaching on a tourist visa, it's illegal i know) or does the difficulty come from the schools not wanting someone with a DUI?


Most people still work without work permits in Vietnam. Only when you want the best jobs with the highest pay do you need a Work Permit.

When you apply for a work permit they will do a Level 4 Criminal background search on you both in Vietnam and your home country. Misdemeanors do not show up on a level 4.

Only Felony convictions show up on a Levek 4 as well as
Past arrests.
Current pending charges.
Dismissed charges.
Acquitted charges.

This has been the standard since work permits came into play in 2007.

Best wishes.

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