Can Teach English no Experience?

by Richard Blaine

I would like to relocate to Vietnam for a job but have no experience.

I recently lost my family back in the states and I'm in pretty bad shape. I have a small income that I already receive, and was told that living in Vietnam would be a good place to relocate and start a new life?

I freelanced most of my adult life and now I find myself lost at the young age of 51. Is there any hope in Vietnam?

Thank you for your time. Also I was told the cost of living is not too bad.

Maybe you can guide me through the process, I am hoping and praying.

Richard Blaine

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Feb 26, 2011
No Experience Teaching
by: Travel-Budget-Asia

Hi Richard.

Life is just a bag of crap sometimes, isn't it? I am deeply sorry about your family because I can understand you. I lost my father and mother at the same time but I was just 34.

It felt like I was seeing everything from above or distanced somehow. I spoke in a slow tone for ages after that.

I moved to Thailand and it was the best thing I ever did. It was a wake-up to a lifestyle that I loved almost instantly. Unfortunately, Thailand is getting more and more difficult to stay in.

Thailand is for the qualified and experienced, though. If you want to stay within the boundaries of the law, that is. It is easy to swing around them though if a school hires you and offers to sponsor you.

Let's keep you out of the complicated visa process in Thailand for long stay teachers.

Vietnam is not a peaceful place. It is a place where noise is the common theme binding the people, each trying to talk louder or honk their horns harder than the next guy.

I think you need a place where it is most easy to start out with nothing. I want you to consider Cambodia.

There is a much older set of folk that teach in the schools in Cambodia. I have worked alongside collegues that were in their mid-sixties. But they were interesting folk that had something to share in the classroom.

And they find a fun way to teach. If you could do that then I beleive you not only have a better bet in Cambodia but you'll find a peaceful calm to the people and quite a few others in the same boat as you.

The boat that is just starting out again through the unforgiving and unpredictable sea of life.

Cambodia is more expensive than Vietnam. Rents are the same but food is costly in Cambodia. It is all imported from Thailand and the United States.

You can live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on about $600USD a month but $1200 a month makes you a king. Go be a King for a while and get that mind focussed on what you want to do next.

You've nothing to lose.

Please be good to the people in Cambodia.

I especially love the people of Cambodia and I hope everyone who goes there remembers what the people have been through and yet they gracious and kind hosts.


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