CELTA Certification Hanoi

by Tomas
(San Francisco)

Hi Friend,

I am a recent college graduate and would like to teach English in North Vietnam. I am Vietnamese-American (Viet Kieu) with a very remedial level of Vietnamese.

I have done some research on where I can go to become CELTA certified, but have become overwhelmed by the different possibilities and potential scams.


What are some recommendations in where I can become CELTA-certified in Hanoi?

Long story short, I want to be on a plane to Vietnam and have as much taken care of for me as possible. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!


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Sorry for the wait, my friend. So, you have no experience and are Viet Kieu. Those are the only 2 things that will certainly impact your working life in Vietnam.

Another thing that affects the quality or acceptability of a CELTA is where it was issued. They have a CELTA course in Hanoi that is fully legit, sponsored by the true CELTA folks and is the real deal.

Yet people still look at it sideways and under a light.

I would not do my CELTA in Vietnam. You will take that stamp with you every where you go in the future, anything earned in Vietnam is immediately questioned and often taken at half value. I won't debate why that is but it is just the truth.

Do the CELTA in the US before you go to Vietnam. Your certificate will show that you earned it in the USA. That will be much help to you if you ever teach in another country.

Even in Vietnam, a CELTA issued in the United States seems to carry a prestige to it that the Vietnamese love.

Get some experience in a small school at first and the hit up the big boys. In fact, you may get your best chance at RMIT in Ho Chi Minh City. They hire many Viet Qieu and pay better than anyone.

best of Luck


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Oct 26, 2010
You rock.
by: Tomas

Thank you so much for the advice. I am going to do just that.

I was anxious to leave the country and start traveling, which is why I wanted to get certified in another country while exploring it simultaneously. However, I think in the long run, certifying myself strongly before travel will open up more employment opportunities and exploration!

Thanks Philip!


You already knew what you wanted to do. Good choice to do it before you leave. Now no one can mess with you because you hold all the cards.

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