Chance to Earn Money in HCMC

by LH

If you're interested in teaching English in HCMC you can contact me via my email. I know some language centers which offer good deals for qualified Native English speakers.

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I'll leave this comment as is but remember 1 thing, this is a Vietnamese Broker or middleman.

If you use any services like this then you are placing your best interests in his/her hands. Your best interests are then placed in last spot.

Far below his/her best interests.

I am not saying that this particular man is a con artist but 99% are. They couldn't care less what job you end up with so long as the school pays them (Who in turn deducts that from your pay).

In Vietnam only you will hold your best interests to heart. You will get a job so easy on your own that you'll be glad you didn't use one of these services that places you in the schools that no one else wants to teach at.

And at a salary that will make other teachers laugh. That is why the School will try to rope you into a 1 year contract. Once you realize that you are working for half the pay of others and twice the hours, there is nothing you can do to break that contract.

The Only Way to Find Teaching Work in Vietnam

Dress smart with a shirt, tie and slacks (And Decent Shoes!). Dress conservatively if you are female. Don't show too much skin.

Don't drink the night before. Party all you want after you get the job.

Walk onto the
road and get a taxi. A moto taxi will do if the driver speaks good English.

Ask him to take you to the best private English Schools. Hit 5 or 6 by just leaving your resume with the Manager

Make sure the Manager sees you and can judge your appearance. Otherwise you have wasted a trip. If the manager is not in then leave it with the reception but don't leave without making an impression on them.

Ask each of their names and tell a lame joke. Just don't rush out the door or you will be forgotten just as quickly.

Vietnamese are very visual people. They feel more comfortable judging you on the way you look rather than the resume.

Include a photo with your resume, as well.

You will be taking calls and sorting through the call-backs you get over the following few days. Especially if you have a TEFL and a Degree of any Discipline.

Trust yourself in Vietnam. You have little chance of becoming a target if you do.

The alternative is to turn over your life to someone who has their own interests at heart. Not yours.

What's the worst that can happen if you do it all yourself? Besides becoming more confident and self-reliant.

Thank you for helping me make my point Mr. Phong Hong.

Sorry about the Rat-Bot deleting your email. It does that when it smells something. Either fish or rat.

I can't allow people to be victimized in any way when they visit this website. Some people trust the information here and I know nothing of you.

Feel free to set me straight.


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