Cheap Dental Work in Ho Chi Minh City

by Tooth Tourist
(Buffalo, USA)

I heard Ho Chi Minh City is a great place to get some dental work done on the cheap. I don't have any insurance back home so I'm thinking of getting my cavities filled while in Vietnam.

Am I an Idiot or is that a good idea?


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You will save quite a bit of money if you get your dental work done while you're in Vietnam. But will they insert a used Rat's tooth in your mouth instead of moulding a new one from porcelain?

It's a funny picture but I get alot of questions about this. Everyone wants to save money but No One wants inferior work done in return.

I had some fillings done, a cleaning and even a root canal done while living in Ho Chi Minh City. The quality of the dentists varies wildly so you have to know who can offer good pricing along with quality of work.

Doing a test run is not a possibility but getting quality dental work done for reasonable cost is doable.

I used:

Grand Dentistry

Sun Wah Tower,

115 Nguyen Hue Street, District 1, HCMC City.

Tel: (84-8) 821 9446

You'll find that they hire useless dental assistants and illogically inept secretaries but the dentists are top graduates of mostly overseas schools. They only operate under normal 9am-5pm times so...

If you smash your tooth on a beer bottle in the middle of the night and it feels as though your head is going to explode, then you can always head down to the 24 hour dental clinic.

Bring lots of cash because you can also get a nose job done while you're waiting! (They also do cosmetic surgery).

Their 24-Hour Emergency Contact Telephone # is 090 364 7156.

Happy drilling.

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Mar 03, 2012
Grand Dentistry in Ho Chi Minh City
by: Tara

Don't know if it is too late to give you advice, but I am Australian and had dental work done by Grand Dentistry in Saigon. It was brilliant, my boss and his wife went a year previously to me and had every tooth capped and are very happy with the work.

He has since had his brother and his wife and his sister and her husband go over there. Mine is going on 2 year now and no problems.


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I get all my dental work done in Cambodia now. They did such an excellent job that even a dentist in the U.S. asked about it and commented on how well the work was done.

What costs $300 in the US costs about $30USD in Cambodia and maybe $40USD in Vietnam.

I just had a clean, checkup and scaling done today. $10USD.

Whoever posted below about the risks of going overseas for health care has never seen a care facility in Thailand. He is also a product of what the media tells him.


Sep 04, 2010
Risks of Overseas Health Care
by: Anonymous

A few questions to ask yourself before having any kinds of health related procedures done overseas.

In the states, there are many government agencies that exists to ensure your safety. For example, the equipments are sterilized and functioning to strict standards according to state and federal government regulations. In the US, dental and medical offices are visited by these organizations to ensure that all the standards are met. Would you like to go in an office not knowing if the equipments are properly sterilized or even done at all?

In the US, health care professionals have to be properly licensed and maintain continue education annually. Their licenses and continue educations are strictly monitored by professional organizations. Would you like to go into an office to have a medical procedure perform on you not knowing where the person was train or if they have proper credentials, and up to date training?

Let's say you go to a California for a nose job and have follow up a few days later and things went well. Then a month later you have complications. You can return to the same doctor who worked on you that have your records and know exactly what was done and can help you.
Same scenario but you went to Vietnam instead. Will you fly all the way back to Vietnam a month later when you have complications or will you go see a local physician where you live? How much more money will you have to spend to have it redone???

The biggest question you have to ask yourself is risking your health worth saving a few hundred or even thousand dollars? Flying to Vietnam is on average $1200 to $1800 round trip. How much are you spending for other things when you get there? A few grand? When you get there, you will pay $100 for a crown and $300 for a nose job and even $100 for a few botox injections. A few months later when you get home, your crown breaks, your nose starts to feel funny, and you developed jaundice. So now you are in pain from the exposed crown that broke and you can't eat on that side and you have a sinus infection from the nose job. You just found out from the doctor that you have liver failure caused by hepatitis C infection from improper sterilizations in Vietnam.

Do your research before you put your health at risk to save a few thousand dollars. Your health is not something you can bargain for.


Reply, Travel-Budget-Asia

Scare the living hell out of everyone then extend your hand and say,

"But if you take this you won't die of H1N1

Please don't use the fear tactics here.


I also disagree with you. Just have a look at the Franco-Viet Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. Most the doctors are from France. It is also one of the most well-equipped medical facilities in the world.

Take Care

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