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(Ho Chi Minh city)

Beware of con artists in Ho Chi Minh City! They will take you for everything you have with the misleading hope of more in return. They are good and will leave you with nothing.

They are worse than thieves and beggars. I will never return to this country. Stay anywhere but in Ho Chi Minh city or any country other than Vietnam.

Even the cab drivers are ridiculously expensive. Some of which speak OK English right up until you go to pay then they try and charge you crazy amounts..


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The President of South Vietnam (Before the war) wrote a book. In it he said Vietnamese people have had to scrounge a living for so long that lying and cheating is considered acceptable behavior.

Especially when done to a foreigner.

I was a teacher in many schools in Vietnam. They are taught that Western people tried many times to take away their country and that they were the great victors each time.

Vietnam is run by a Communist Government that approves or disapproves every piece of information students are taught at school.

Every class at every school must take a yearly, mandatory field trip to the Museum of American War Crimes. The museum shows nothing but the torture of the Vietnamese people by foreigners.

When they scam a foreigner, they go home and brag about it.

But maybe, if I had grown up in war torn Vietnam and believed all the hate in some of those school books, I might have become a con artist.

The only defense against it is information and your wits. Never keep more than a few dollars in your wallet. The first thing the cons do is look into your wallet.

I always kept my money in my sock. I don't make myself a target.

The only people who cannot be scammed are informed people. Ask us any question here but please read through what is already on the site

There are 2 different types of Taxi cabs in HCMC. The white colored cars and the yellow colored cars.

The white cabs are the worst. They have to purchase their taxi from the cab company. That way every cab is a business of its own and the driver is the boss.

Scam accusations go to the owner of the business, which is the cab driver. I wonder how he's going to react? Might just be a one-finger gesture. The middle finger.

The yellow cabs are mostly owned by the driver also but fall under the umbrella of a single company. Many of them have the name and phone number of that company on the side doors of their cars.

Grab one of them. They may own the car but answer to a boss.

Never set a price with any cab, though. They all have a meter and if the driver tells you it doesn't work, get out of the cab and get another one. Always insist that they use the meter and you should be OK.

I hope you can keep in mind how they think and just stay one step ahead of them with a big smile on your face the entire time. They think tourists are all millionaires and they feel you owe them.

Ho Chi Minh city is a safe place from violent crime but I would be negligent if I didn't warn people of the rising petty crime.

The worst are the young Vietnamese boys that drive on the sidewalk with their motorbikes and snatch purses and even backpacks from females of the foreign kind.

It also happens here in the Costco parking lots where I worked.

This happened to a friend of mine in Vietnam 4 times in 10 months. She always laughed because she was smart and would keep nothing of value in her bag. She'd laugh and say "Maybe they will use the books to learn English!"

I miss her.

Take care of yourself,


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