Current Cost of Living Vietnam?

Hi Phil, I've toyed with going overseas for some time. Vietnam has always fascinated me but I've heard that inflation is out of control there, though I've also seen that the economy is supposed to be heating up again.

Can you give me an idea what typical rents are for one person in a relatively safe area and what total living costs are per month these days?



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Ya, inflation went nuts there for a while but has stabilized. It is still cheap here to get decent housing and the cost of living is low considering that wages have gone up considerably.

A friend just moved into a 1 bedroom fully furnished apartment with balcony on May 1st, 2013. He is paying $275USD a month. With electricity and all other fees he claims $300USD total.

It's a really nice pad located in district 10. It is a decent neighbourhood but not quite as good as District 3.

Ever since the World Trade Organisation (WTO) approved Vietnam for entry prices have gone up on everything. But if compared to inflation in Thailand, it is not that bad. Rents are still quite low. $250USD a month (Plus electricity, water and garbage disposal services) is quite average.

I get by on $1400USD a month but everyone is different. If you are a heavy drinker, love to party and hate to cook then I have seen people go through over $2,500USD a month. I also know people who get by on as little as $800USD a month but they are homebodies and I stand somewhere in the middle.

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