Current Danang Weather and Forecasted Weather in Danang

This is the current Danang weather and forecasted weather in Danang. The weather in Danang and the kind of weather Danang has to offer may seem irrelevant to many.

That's because so few people ever make Danang a stop on their trip through Vietnam.

Thus they don't care when the best time to visit Danang is.

Most people stay in nearby Hoi An City instead.

It might be for 10x the price but Hoi An has 18x the charm, beauty and history that Danang City can claim.

Who can blame them? Danang is a beast of a city because it is the central site of most of Vietnam's Industrial production.

It's like looking at an old black and white picture. In the picture is row after row of factories with brick-layered smoke stacks jutting into the sky with plumes of white and black smoke billowing from them.

That's probably why Danang is not so busy with tourists scrambling to get a look. This makes finding a good hotel difficult because there are so few.

See the best Danang Hotels for the best prices on the small but growing selection they do have.

I have to admit that Danang has made huge efforts to clean up the city, revitalize Parks and Playgrounds in the name of attracting tourists. It still doesn't attract many tourists but they are light years ahead of where they were just 3 years ago.

Why Bother Reading This?

Danang does have some good daytime excursions you can take, though. To be fair, most people can do these excursions from Hoi An but it is an extra 1.5 hours away than Danang.

Many people visit the Cham Museum and China Beach nearby.

There's also Danang's Marble Mountain (Made Famous during the Vietnam War) and the My Son Sanctuary (Vietnam's Angkor Wat), built by the Cham People.

A Danang weather report is good for people heading to China Beach or the My Son Sanctuary because the weather will be much the same in all 3 places.

The truth is that we have a Saigon Weather Page; a Hai Phong Weather Page a Hanoi Weather page to accompany a Bao Loc Weather page and this Danang weather page.

Together they represent the whole of the Vietnam Weather picture. Each of the cities was chosen to represent an area of Vietnam and provide a unique insight into the many diverse climates that occupy this single (Multi-Faced Weather?) country.

The weather in Danang was included simply because Danang lies exact on the midway point between Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) in the South and Hanoi City to the North.

It is the city that best represents the weather in the South Central Coast of Vietnam. The Central Highlands of Vietnam is represented in our Bao Loc Weather page.

Another city in The Central Highlands of Vietnam is Dalat City. Here is the report about the weather in Danang and the best time to visit Danang and the South Central Coast of Vietnam.

Current and Forecasted Danang Weather


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