Deductible Moving Expenses to Vietnam

Do you know if moving expenses are deductible when moving from the US to teach? Also back again to the US? Thanks Pat.


Reply from Travel-Budget-Asia

Deductible through whom? Remember that a deductible must be paid by someone on your behalf. Whether that be an Insurance company or perhaps an employer seeking your services (Or wanting to be rid of you!).

If you are hired in the U.S. or any other country outside of Vietnam then being reimbursed for moving costs is a reasonable request to make.

You may also make such a request of an employer seeking to hire you and bring you over to Vietnam. Just remember that any person in Vietnam willing to pay expenses on your behalf will expect you to reimburse them.

The teachers with the best paying jobs in Vietnam went there on their own, pounded the pavement on their own and talked to people. They found out what people were earning and what is a poorly paid position. Then they bargained a wage with their employer as soon as the topic came up (During the interview).

Your value will depend on your TEFL Qualification, University Degree, age, looks, and experience.

There is a school Called *** in Ho Chi Minh City that loves to bring in people that want everything sorted out for them before they arrive. These are the teachers that make the least amount of money and work the most amount of hours for it.

So, unless you are hired by a school in a foreign nation and asked to go and work in Vietnam or you have some specialty Insurance that covers moving costs then the answer is no. There is little chance of a reimbursement outside of the conditions above.

Good Luck


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