Don't Let Anyone Help You at The Border Crossing into Vietnam!

by Julie
(Back in Cambodia!)

At the border coming into Vietnam so many people offered to help carry our bags and fill out our visa forms for us.

We arrived by bus and had to walk pretty far to get to the border crossing into Vietnam. Two women offered to help my friend and I. They had a trolley for bags and told us it would be easier and faster to get through the border if they did the Visa forms for us.

It looked like a pretty far walk and our bags were heavy. And they seemed so nice that we agreed.

It was a bad idea.

They carried our bags on their trolley then they wrote out our forms for us at the Vietnamese border. We already had our visas but you still have to write out a small form with your name and passport details.

It would have been so easy to do the forms on our own. And we should have just carried our bags ourselves. They demanded $15USD from us once we finally got through the crossing.

I couldn't believe it and refused to pay. Their faces changed in a flash. They got so angry and started to scream at us.

The border guards came and told us we had to pay. I think they even gave the border guards some money. Maybe it is a scam they have. But we had to pay the money even though we could have done it ourselves VERY easily.

So, when you arrive at the border, carry your own stuff because I heard people tell me later that one of their bags went missing also.

People will offer to help you all the time but please just refuse them and do everything yourself.


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I had a good laugh there. Not at you but the flashback I had was funny.

No one will help you out of the goodness of their heart in most places where there are a lot of tourist in Vietnam. Avoid the "Helpful" people as much as you can.

If you take the Mekong Express bus over the Cambodia Vietnam border then everything is done for you.

If you get the cheapo bus and someone offers to fill out your forms and carry your bags, you will be in for more trouble than it's worth.

I have never seen any of them run off with a bag but I have seen arguments over payment when the tourist hasn't settled a price BEFORE using any of their services.

Sometimes they'll just come up behind you and point out an "Error" you're making. Then they offer to do it the "Right" way. Later they demand money and you will never win an argument with them.

Take care of yourself and your friend.

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