Eligible To Teach Vietnam/Cambodia/Thailand?

by Ramesh Bitra
(Hyderabad, India)

Hello..I am Ramesh Bitra from India, 45 years old and hold a bachelors degree in accountancy..I am presently earning about $450 a month here..I have no previous teaching experience but intend to do TEFL certification course online and try my luck in teaching job in any of these countries..

is TEFL online course is acceptable and will I be accepted as a teacher with my profile ?

if yes, what level of students I would be allowed to teach ? (kindergarten/primary school/high school or college) and

what is the tentative salary I can expect a month ? thank you and wish you a happy and prosperous new year 2011.


Reply from Travel-Budget-Asia.com

1. No. The TEFL online is pure theory and the schools are looking for people with in-class experience. An online TEFL will do very little for you unless you do a 120 hour TEFL course that includes 40 hours on in-class work.

2. The levels you would be allowed to teach matters little to you. You'll be taking work when and where you can get it. You will never get the choice of who you are going to teach. More likely the color of your skin and your general appearance and demeanor will determine your entire teaching experience.

3. Salary Thailand: $300USD-$500USD per month. Likelihood of finding work is nearly none unless you
have white skin and colored eyes and light hair.
Salary Vietnam: $500USD-$2000USD. Likelihood of finding work 80% but only if you take the lower paying work. Again, you are from India and Thais, Cambodian and to a lesser extent Vietnamese would not want to learn from you. Perhaps children or very low level stuff.

Your best chance is Vietnam. In fact, it might be your only chance. I apologize for being so blunt but let's face it, you are 45, you have an accounting degree, your mother tongue is not English and you have absolutely no experience.

Don't let me tell you that you can't do it, though. If you want to do this very badly then I suggest you do it but at least leave home with a proper 140 hour TEFL course under your belt.

Best of Luck and have a Happy New Year 2011,


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