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My name is Jack, Im 24 and from England. To cut a long story a bit shorter I have been travelling around South east asia for a few months and arrived in Ho Chi Minh City 3 days ago (10th Jan2012). I arrived here to find work teaching english.

I have small expierience teaching basic conversational english to young people in Italy whilst I was on a Theatre in Education tour (having graduated with a BAHONS in Acting, from a drama school in London).

Anyway, so far I applied only to Cleverlearn as I wanted to see what the response was. I had an initial skype interview and then when I arrived I was invited for a demonstration to which I accepted, delivered and in return was offered some teaching work at $14.50 per hour. I need to check some details in the contract.

I want to do what you are saying tommorow, suit up, jump on a bike and cruise around the city with a bunch of cv's and hand them into the schools. I have a TEFL qualification also.

Im a chilled out guy, but committed, energetic and pasionate also! I want to teach for probably no more than six months and then get back on the road, although hey, im trying to live in the moment and this can all change? any school recomendations? also any response in any shape or form to the above would be much appreciated. Also, pros and cons of working in private or public schoools? I really appreciate your website! Thankyou :) :) :)


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Hi, Jack. Sorry to take so long to reply but Vietnam was in a big sleep and I was in Cambodia on holidays. When I say 'The Big Sleep', I am reffering to the Tet Holidays (Vietnam New Year).

Most schools (92%) are shut down for Tet which ran from the 13th to the 30th of January 2012. There will be little to no hiring at all this month and schools don't get back into full swing until about the 20th of February.

I don't expect schools to be hiring until the classes start filling up again. Even though the Tet Holidays end on January 30th, students don't start showing up for class and signing up for new classes until after Feb. 15th.

Today is the 26th. NOW is the time to start looking.

Public Schools In Vietnam Vs Private Schools


There is the International Primary School (IPS Vietnam). It is easy work
and you can work a simple 1:30pm to 4:00pm shift 5 days a week, which will leave your nights open for evening shifts at many of the Private Language Centers.

The Primary Schools also offer a 2hr morning shift (optional) from Monday to Friday if you are wanting to work hard and get on with your travels in a quicker manner.

If you have a Work Permit in Vietnam then most Primary (Public as well) Schools and Private Language Centers pay 450,000 VND /Hour ($21.61 USD /Hour) but without a work Permit they will pay you only 300,000 VND an hour ($14.41 USD/Hour).

Kids can be draining and some public schools will stuff 40 teenagers into a tiny classroom.


I recommend starting with one of the private English Centers. If you have the documentation and experience then you should be looking at the Universities.

Below are some schools you should have a look at. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. I know each of them well but not well enough to comment on how your experience will be with them. I only know that most have a reputation of paying their teachers on time.

English Schools in Ho Chi Minh City

And Which English Schools in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) are Paying the Highest Wages

  • Reliable English School

  • 42 Nguyen Phi Khanh, Quan 1 - Tel: 08 36031143
    Email: res.edu.co@gmail.com

    They seem to be paying the highest wages for teaching English in Ho Chi Minh City (Feb. 26 2012). I know some who are making $25USD / Hr but the school won't admit to that.

    They usually offer $15USD an hour to new arrivals but seem willing to negotiate. I always say that I was offered $20USD / Hr from another school earlier in the day. I guess it depends on your situation.

These will keep you plenty busy for a few days. Just copy the list and give it to the moto driver. Then beat the crap out of the pavement and wait out for the best offer. They will bid against each other.

Right now (Feb. 26th, 2012) is a very active hiring period for English Teachers in Vietnam. Get to these schools.

Viet Uc
Ausp (both Australian schools but anyone can work there)
English First
British Council
Doung Minh (pronounced young minge)
New York School

A lot of these private language centers seem to be paying around $18USD to $20USD /Hr.

Hope that helped. Good Luck


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