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by Smithygal

I'm actively applying for summer school opportunities in Asia, notably Vietnam ( I spent 2 months in Vietnam in 2010).

I teach in a University at home & have my summers free. Any advice on schools that run intensive English courses during the summer?

Really appreciate any guidance. Great site.


Reply from Travel-Budget-Asia.com

Cleaverlearn puts on a great summer camp. Here are their official employee requirements and employee benefits

Keep in mind that their summer camp might take place in your winter. Very often they prefer to take teachers already established at the school for their Summer Programs.

You are usually required a to sign a 6 month contract of work with most schools. As long as you give them notice it is easy to

No more question, folks.

This website will be gone in a few months. It costs me 6-8 hours a day and pays me 58$ a month and costs 40$ just to pay the server fees. I can't do it any longer. Good luck with your travels.

This website is gone in 3 months.

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