Finding a Job in Vietnam

by Christine

I found this article very informative, so I thought I would ask a question.

I have a job at an international school in Vietnam, so my work permit is all organized and everything (I assume) will go smoothly. However I'm moving over with my boyfriend who has been teaching ESL for 3 years. He has his Celta and BA (all properly 'triple' notarized and translated by the government of his home country).

Is the best way to get a job from within the country? I'll be able to support us both for a while, but I'm worried about the risk of him not finding employment, or a work permit and having to leave the country (my contract is two years).

Do you think it will be very difficult for him to find employment in person- and get a work permit. We've been having no luck emailing the schools.



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I always have too much to say about Vietnam so I'll just answer your questions directly. You can reply by clicking the reply button below.

Your questions are good ones.

The best way to get work in Vietnam is in Country. Yes, many get hired through agencies and end up getting paid less to work more hours than people who go shopping for the right job in country.

Email away Christine but Vietnamese people don't seem to recognize your legitimacy until you're standing in front of them. You're boyfriend should have the schools knocking down his door with those qualifications.

But life is never fair.

If he holds a passport from Aus, Nz, Eng, Can, USA
and he is Western - Looking then he'll have them lining up at his door.

Or, putting it another way; If he is a Nordic-looking European / Westerner with white skin his chances of getting work are guaranteed.

The most important question for Vietnam: What is his nationality, age and color of skin? I know it sounds archaic but they are the most important factors in Vietnam. Qualifications are second.

What about you, Christine? 2 years in either Ho Chi Minh city or Hanoi is a great deal of time.

I see you are in China so you will like Vietnam for perhaps the first year. But around the start of the second year, the noise, pollution and unfriendly behavior of some Vietnamese will become apparent. It is a very stressful place to live.

Here's to hoping that you get an apartment in District 7 (Phu My Hung) HCMC and you are teaching at RMIT University. If you are not then tell your boyfriend to drop his first resume off at their campus.

By far the best school in the best area with the best pay and benefits.

RMIT in Vietnam

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