First Time Teacher off to Quang Ngai

by peter mullen

hello 'WHAT A GREAT GUIDE BOOK'. I have been on quite a few (forums) and this one is the best. very informative and interesting you have answered many of my questions and simply.

can i asked if you have any information on Quang Ngai as far as teaching is concerned.

nearly name is pete mullen i am 57 years old i live in Australia i have no teaching ( english ) experience, i have had jobs over the years where i have been in charge of groups of people to teach/train but this is different so i am just starting a 5 month course with TAFE SA in 'Certificate IV in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages' this comes with a 4 week classroom course included.
any comments from you on this course and help when i am finished what to do next?

cheers pete.


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Quang Ngai is very near the coast between Nha Trang and Da Nang (Much closer to Da Nang). I don't know why you have chosen this town but there are only 8 Private language school there that I know of. The salaries are quite low and there is no where a Westerner can go and not be an incredibly interesting thing to stare at.

I spent a day and night in Quang Ngai, Vietnam. I bought the open-ended bus ticket from Ho chi Minh city to Hanoi and decided to spend a day in Quang Ngai. I was off to Da Nang the next day. All I know is that it is a small town with few foreigner and little to do but hunt down decent food and drink bia-hoi.

I do know that
Shobhit University (Based in India) had applied to the government of Quang Ngai Province to invest in a proposed university but I am not even sure if they have even approved and begun building it yet.

That's all I know. You are certainly qualified to work there but finding work is much more difficult than in Ho Chi Minh City or even nearby Da Nang. Tha's not to say there is no interest in learning English there.

More than a few families living there often commute to Da Nang for work and would love to have their kids enrolled in an English School. It's just that they are not willing to pay. I can understand that but it makes life as a private teacher difficult. There would be no problem finding students, but asking them to pay more than $2-$3USD and hour would just confuse them.

That's a lot of cash to them.

I spend 6 months teaching in Da Nang and 10 months in Can Tho (As an example of small town Vietnam). I would never again live in small town Vietnam. It can be funny for a few months to be followed around, stared and poked at, and be viewed as a walking ATM Machine and whatever else, but it becomes overwhelming after a few months.

Hope I was some help. If your heart is set on Quang Ngai, then go. You will find work as an English teacher (Private or for a private language school). And you will find an apartment. I guess I just can't figure out why. You are going remote Vietnam, my friend. That was a tough mistake for me.

But that's my own bias. You could love it.


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May 04, 2016
Quang Ngai
by: Sven Mueller


I have been in QN for more than 2 years now. so it might be better if I answer your questions. Let mem know if you're still interested in coming to south central VN ...

Oct 11, 2015
Nice post
by: manoj

If teacher off to Quang Ngai then its behind very valid reasons and some of them you have discussed in that post as well. Some international schools in Quang Ngai and these schools offer low salaries to the teachers which is not good for you. So, I think you took good decision. any how, I like to support this decision which that teacher have taken.

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