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by Sore Man
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I'm going to Phnom Penh next month. I'm worried about getting sick or something and having to deal with hospitals in mud shacks and doctors with no teeth and rusty 18th century equipment.

Can I find good medical care in Phnom Penh if I need it in a hurry or would I have to find my way back to Thailand or Vietnam for medical treatment?


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If you're staying at the Lakeside there is Calmette Hospital right on Monivong Boulevard.

It's a 4 minute walk away from the Phnom Penh Hotel or any guesthouse on the Lakeside.
Calmette Hospital Phnom Penh

Calmette Hospital
N° 3, Preah Monivong, 12201 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Non-emergency: 023 426 948, Hot Line 011 426 948

They are no where near as good as the hospitals in Thailand or Vietnam so any major injuries would see you flown to Bangkok.

Calmette is a hospital for cuts and bruises but they are also good at recognizing injuries beyond them and getting you to the right place. If you get to them when you're hurt, they will get you into the right hands.

That often means a short flight or helijet transport to Bangkok if your injuries are very serious. That also depends on how good your heath insurance is.

The number one cause of injuries and death for tourists to Thailand is motorbike accidents. One of my best friends went through it and cracked open his skull.

He is still paying off the debt
2 years later. A debt he wouldn't have had if he had gotten good Travel Insurance.

Make sure that whatever health insurance you decide on is quality. You will be glad that you spent the extra $12USD if you are ever in an accident.

The first thing any health provided does is make a phone call to your insurance provider. My insurance company has a 24hour 7 days a week emergency phone line just to receive these kinds of calls.

It is printed right on the back of the card I carry with me.

The way you are treated from that point on is a direct result of that phone call to your insurance provider.

That is all I am going to say. It is your choice but my advice is to just consider it. It is a lot cheaper than you think, especially if you are ever in need of medical assistance while oversees.

I chose my travel insurance through Travel Guard. They had the best coverage for the price and still do.

I only pay about $35USD for full coverage.

Here is a link to the TravelGuard website. Check them all out before you decide who to buy your travel health insurance from.

Do your own research on Travel Insurance. Buy it how you please. Just consider it carefully.

I have heard some real horror stories so it's worth the time. You'll have a more relaxing vacation. All for an extra $30USD or so.


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Apr 30, 2011
Emergency Surgery in Phnom Penh
by: Anonymous

As an off and on Phnom Penher for about 18 years, I can say with good authority that the Calmette hospital is an absolute butcher shop. It is where you go to die. If you are not dead when you get there, you will be when you leave! If you get smashed up in an auto accident, you fly to Bangkok where there are a veritable plethora of excellent hospitals. Thai doctors are very good with auto accident victims as they get so much practice. Thailand has a horrendous auto accident rate.
Or you can get a special ambulance from Phnom Penh direct to the Franco-Viet hospital in Saigon. They have a special deal whereby the visa requirement is waived at the border and you go straight to the FV hospital. This service costs about $300. The FV hospital is excellent. I had major abdominal surgery done there and the results were excellent!

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