Current and Forecasted Haiphong Weather Forecasts

Haiphong weather and the forecasted weather are often used as a barometer for the waters of Halong Bay.

Haiphong City is host to some tours to Halong Bay but all use Hanoi as their final destination.

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It is about 1.5 hours drive less to Halong Bay from Haiphong than Hanoi City. That makes it more attractive to many.

Some of the more expensive tours actually overnight in HaiPhong before returning you to Hanoi.

Another reason to consider the forecasted weather for Haiphong before you go to visit Vietnam.

A full day tour of Halong Bay is exciting but you will be exhausted at the end.

It will save you hours if you start your tour of Halong Bay with the very short drive from Hai Phong to Halong Bay Vs the very long drive from Hanoi.

The best Halong Bay tours all depart Hanoi and return at some point to Hanoi.

Knowing the weather in Haiphong is important to both tourists to Halong Bay and Hai phong weather forecasts are also important for all captains of sea going vessels to and about Halong Bay.

Current Hai Phong Weather and Forecasted Weather Near Halong Bay


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