Finding the Best Hanoi Hotel for The Money

Finding the best Hanoi hotel really depends on where you want to stay amongst the never ending rows of available Hanoi accommodation.

There are three different areas in the city to consider.

  • Hanoi's Old Quarter

  • Hanoi's New Quarter

  • In Between the Two

The Old Quarter is the most desired place to seek good Hanoi hotels. The history of Hanoi goes back over 2,000 years and the Old Quarter is where it all began.

Today the Old Quarter of Hanoi retains much of its original ambiance and thus gives great insight into the past as well as present day Hanoi. But it is also the noisiest place in town.

The noise from revving motorbikes and honking scooters is overwhelming within the Old Quarter and is unavoidable regardless of whether your room faces the main street or not. The noise starts as early as 5am and can go on until after 2am.

The New Quarter is not too far away from the Old Quarter and the cost of the Hanoi accommodation available there is usually much less expensive. The hotels in the New Quarter of Hanoi are also much quieter.

But it is not as safe an area to be in at night. There are so many tourists and security in the well-lit Old Quarter so most crimes and petty theft occur in the new Quarter of town.

In Between the Two is the Hanoi hotel located just outside the Old Quarter, preferably within walking distance. They offer the best combination of quiet, lower pricing and security.

Mid-Range Hanoi Hotel

The Hoang Thanh Plaza Hotel Hanoi is located within walking distance of the Hanoi Old Quarter. The rooms are well-kept but small and the cost is on the high side of reasonable at about $38USD a night.

Hanoi Hotel Hoang Tanh Plaza

The Hoang Thanh Plaza Hotel Hanoi is a great place to stay with good service, as long as you book your tours through them. So, if you book a tour to Halong Bay with this hotel, you will pay much more than the going rate but the staff will treat you much better for it and the service is much improved.

Maybe sounds a harsh criticism for this Hanoi hotel but out of all the other Hanoi accommodation options, this seems a common theme. If you don't mind paying higher prices for tour services then the rewards are good with this hotel.

The rooms at the Hoang Thanh Plaza Hotel Hanoi are known for being small but clean and well-equipped with A/C, hot water and TV. The free breakfast consists of Pho (Vietnamese soup) or banana pancakes. The staff has limited ability with English so you may want to contact Tommy (Manager) for inquiries. Tommy will happily try and sell you on a tour with his recommendations (And Commission) but you will get a better price at any of the nearby travel agents.

This hotel gets more complaints than compliments.

Get more information on the Hoang Thanh Plaza Hotel Hanoi here.

The Hanoi Capital Hotel is located in the quieter part of the Old Quarter of Hanoi. This is one of the Hanoi hotels that is within walking distance of Hoam Kiem Lake.

Hanoi Capital Hotel

The rooms are clean, well cared for and of decent size. When booking a room in this Hanoi hotel, remember that rooms on the 1st to 5th floors are accessible by elevator but those on 6th & 7th floors can only be reached by climbing the staircase up from the 5th floor.

As with most of the other Hanoi hotels, the Hanoi Capital hotel adds a large fee to any extra services you want. The good thing is that they tell you up front and don't treat you poorly if you go elsewhere for better pricing on tours, clothes washing etc.

All in all however we highly recommend the Hanoi Capital Hotel.

Get more information on the Hanoi Capital Hotel here.

The Luxor hotel is located along Hang Cot Street in the Old Quarter within walking distance of some excellent restaurants further North.

Luxor Hotel Hanoi

The rooms in the Luxor Hanoi hotel are very roomy with some pretty modern amenities, like an LCD TV on the wall, and a good sized bathroom and nice Roman blinds on the windows, which are nice, considering many rooms don't even have windows in other Hanoi hotels.

And the elevator serves every floor, so no need to hike up any stairs.

The language barrier can be a problem with the staff and the room cleaners will often wake you up at 8.30am, as they seem to feel that you should adjust to their schedule and routine.

Get more information about the Luxor Hotel Hanoi here.

Budget Hanoi Hotel Rooms

  • Hanoi Phoenix 2 Hotel

This Hanoi hotel is located next to an ANZ bank at No. 12 Dao Duy Tu Lane, within 5 blocks of the Old Quarter of Hanoi and walking distance of Hoan Kiem Lake and the Water Puppet Theatre.

Hanoi hotel Pheonix 2

First opened in June 2008, this hotel is very new and in good condition. All 20 rooms in the hotel have wooden floors and are equipped with IDD telephone, air-conditioning, cable TV , DVD player and a refrigerator for cold beer.

A pretty nice looking hotel and very inexpensive. It's in a good location and the price suits backpackers and other budget tourists.

Very highly rated with great reviews, we recommend this hotel anyone wishing to have a safe and comfortable stay in Hanoi.

Get more information on the Book Ha Noi Phoenix 2 Hotel here.

  • Sunrise Hotel Hanoi

This is one of the best located of the Hanoi hotels listed here. It is located at 9 Pho Hang Mam Street, so it is right in the heart of it all.

Sunrise Hotel Hanoi Accommodation

The picture on the right is what is commonly used by this hotel yet it is not even close to reality.

The rooms are not well kept and few of the aging amenities even function in the rooms. The hotel is next to a small shop that has to be the noisiest shop on the planet.

The worst part is that they wake up at 4am and seem bent on making sure everyone else wakes up with them, including guests at this hotel.

We have gotten complaints about the rooms being dirty with paint peeling off the walls. Heck, this is one of the most criticized hotel in Hanoi we know of.

This hotel is in a great location. The breakfast is not too bad and the staff are pretty good. Other than that we recommend you do not book this hotel unless you have seen the rooms in person and check out the other Hanoi accommodation options.

Get more information on the Sunrise Hotel Hanoi here.

  • Old Street Hotel Hanoi

The Old Street Hotel is located in a great location in the Old Quarter of Hanoi and just 3 minutes walk to Hoan Kiem Lake and Water Puppet Shows. The only complaints about location is the noise in the mornings.

Old Street Hotel Hanoi Accommodation

But this hotel is right in the Old Quarter and noise is normal.

The rooms are spacious but a little dated. They come with TV's, large bathrooms, a computer that is connected to the internet, a fridge and big comfy beds.

The staff are excellent except that they can get a bit pushy with promoting tours around Hanoi or to Halong Bay but this is common in Hanoi.

The breakfast is good but basic, just a warm baquette with jam or eggs and tea or coffee but great overall value for the money.

The Old Street hotel is very highly spoken of and gets very few complaints. This is on of the best value Hanoi hotels in all the city. We highly recommend it.

Get more information on the Old Street Hotel here.


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