Hanoi to Siem Reap

by Kat Tan
(Negros Occidental, Philippines )

Hi, I have booked a flight from the Philippines to Hanoi and it's only an 8 day trip.

I really want to visit Siem reap and I don't know if I can squeeze it in my itinerary given the short span of time I have.

The flights from Hanoi to Siem reap are really expensive and i'd like to travel by land.

Any suggestions?


Reply from Travel-Budget-Asia.com

My best advice is "Spend the money and get the flight. You don't want to miss Angkor Wat. You may never get another chance to see it.

I went overland from Hanoi to Siem reap, and it was a nasty trip.

The bus will first take you to Vientiane, in Laos. It would be nice to cross into Cambodia further South, directly into Cambodia, but that option is simply not available.

You will first have to cross into Laos, then take a bus from there all the way down South to cross into Cambodia at its Northern most border.

It is a long 16 hour ride and good clean food is hard to come by. The bus is not comfortable and it will stop at every crappy roadside restaurant along the way. It will cost hours of your time on top of the already long trip.

I love trains but busses were not made for trips over 5 hours. You will waste a full day just getting there.

Good Luck to all.


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