Finding the Best Hanoi Tours...

Getting on one of the good Hanoi tours is pretty easy but to do it right and not overpay is a real challenge.

There are so many ways the locals use to force you to overpay that, even if you don't mind paying a bit extra, it becomes a stressful burden just dealing with it.

While in Vietnam, always negotiate a price BEFORE making a purchase.

Then go down the road to find a better price.

That may seem a harsh statement but it will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

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The Best of the Hanoi Tours

A good tour of Hanoi must include a visit to...

  • Hanoi's historic Old Quarter

  • Ho Chi Minh Complex

  • The Temple of Literature

  • Museum of Ethnology

  • Ngoc Son Temple

  • Hoan Kiem Lake

While looking for a hanoi city tour, make sure that these essential places are included on the itinerary. You can always choose your own tour once in Hanoi but be careful where you book your trip.

I found the worst pricing was by booking through my own hotel. If you want to see all the sights of Hanoi then you can always do it yourself but the best deals are found online or in the travel agent's chair.

Try to use the travel agents when looking for your own Hanoi city tours. Once you have settled on a price, leave and head to another travel agent. Compare prices and work a deal!

There are three ways to see the sights of Hanoi. You can do it yourself, book a tour once in Vietnam or book online before you go. The cheapest way is to do it yourself but the amount of hassle you'll get is in direct proportion.

Do it yourself is cheap but you'll soon find that bargauining for everything is draining and takes away from the tour.

Book while you're in Vietnam is a good middle ground but so many people end up paying more than the online tours that they find themselves on a run-down tour bus and pressured to buy souvenirs by tour guides that can't speak English very well.

We always advise to book online. The best online tour companies protect their reputations and are literally forced to provide good services to protect their reputations.

That is the only way to avoid the people that run second rate Hanoi city tours, overcharge you for them and then provide low - value busses, food and guides.

They know that you'll only be in Hanoi a few days and aren't worried about you tarnishing their reputations. You simply have no recourse if they screw you over.

The best tour provider online offers a budget Hanoi city tour with some pretty good reviews.

Get more information on th best Hanoi tours here.


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