Hanoi Weather for Today and Forecasted Weather in Hanoi

Hanoi Weather and the forecasted weather in Hanoi are the most extreme in Vietnam.

The weather Ha Noi sees is a product of being the city with the most Northern Zip Code in Vietnam.

This weather in Hanoi page is updated by the minute with the weather for today and the forecasted Weather for the future.

Unless you are in New Zealand. But none of that matters if your destination is Hanoi city in Vietnam.

Hanoi city is the furthest North that most tourists go while visiting Vietnam (Unless they're heading up into China). Halong Bay is just over 3 hours drive and the picturesque city of Hai Phong is just under 2 hours drive away.

The only reason to go to Hanoi is to see Hanoi itself but mostly people come to Hanoi with the intention of taking one of the Halong Bay tours to see one of the greatest natural wonders of the world in Halong Bay.

Our Vietnam weather page is where you will find information on when the best, worst and most pleasant weather can be found in Vietnam's seasonal cycle.

Current and Forecasted Weather in Hanoi


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