Great Ho Chi Minh City Hotels Exist Amongst Saigon Hotels that are Real Stinkers

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We try to weed out the great Ho Chi Minh City Hotels that are real Gems from the rip-off, stinker Saigon hotels that can ruin your holiday.

Ho Chi Minh City Hotels Business Cards

Help us and every person who travels to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon was its previous name) by writing a short review on any Saigon hotel that you may have stayed at.

Some hotel owners work really hard to make your stay great. So give them credit by recommending them or warning everyone away from places that you had a bad experience at.

Don't forget to read what other visitors have said about the Saigon Hotels in Ho Chi Min City.

Most of the budget and mid-range Ho Chi Minh City hotels are located in an area known as 'Pham Ngu Lao' in District #1.

This area in District 1 of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) has the most Budget and Mid-Range Saigon hotels and guesthouses per square meter of any place I've ever been.

The hotels and guesthouses literally run wall to wall down the entire length of Bui Vien and De Tham streets for the entire circumference of the city block referred to as Pham Ngu Lao.

Prices in most of these Ho Chi Minh City Hotels range from $7USD-$15USD a night for a very basic single room with a fan, T.V., toilet and bed.

But if you want to go middle-range then $25USD-$60USD is standard fare. The mid-range hotels Saigon offers have extra large rooms with balconies and often with internet access right in the room.

The scale of difference between the mid-range Saigon hotels and the budget rooms is large yet the price difference is often negligible.

Be wary of Ho Chi Minh City Hotels that label themselves as 5 star establishments. None of the Ho chi Minh City hotels are obligated to comply with international hotelier standards.

The hotel owners can literally give any star rating to their hotel that they want. You cannot be guaranteed a certain standard by taking the star ratings at face value.

If you are staying long-term in Ho Chi Minh City then we recommend you find an apartment. Check here for tips on finding an apartment in Saigon.

There are certain rules to take note of before booking any of the Ho Chi Minh city hotels. Each are strictly enforced by Vietnam's Communist Government.

  • No Females of Vietnamese Origin Permitted in the Rooms after 8pm

Unless they are married to the occupant and can prove it with legal marriage certificate. Ignore this if you are of European or African descent.

  • Hotels Close their Gated Doors at 11pm

If you want to get back into your room then you must buzz the hotel staff to unlock the door. This is usually not a problem but it can become one if you are coming home drunk and very late at night.

  • Passports are to be Held by Hotel Staff

The police often come by the hotels at night and check the registry and nationality of the guests. The hotel staff want to keep your passport in reception for that reason. But you can often get by with leaving them a photocopy of you passport.

Don't let this worry you. The police leave the tourists alone and target other Vietnamese. They almost seem frightened of tourists and I have never seen the police directly confront a tourist.

Our Top Picks of the Best Ho Chi Minh City Hotels for the Money

The Bich Duyen hotel is located in a small picturesque lane in the heart of the Pham Ngu Lao backpacker area of district 1. The Bich Duyen is managed by a great fellow that gets things done. His name is 'Chanh'.

Whether you require airline tickets, a taxi, travel advice, bus tickets or just about anything, just ask 'Chanh'. He will always take a small cut but he is better than fair.

The amount of excellent feedback we get for this hotel far and away surpass any other hotel saigon has on offer. Bich Duyen Hotel gets our vote for the best of the budget Ho Chi Minh city hotels.

Because it's close to everything. It's very very clean. It's cheap and very comfortable.

Learn more about the The Bich Duyen Hotel.

Write a Review about the Bich Duyen Hotel

(91% Approval Rate)

We get a lot of comments about the friendly nature of the staff at Luan Vu Guesthouse. I have not actually come across a negative review yet. Rare for any of the Saigon Hotels to avoid harsh criticism for so long.

But there is actually good reason for the lack of negative feedback on the Luan Vu Hotel. It is our #2 pick for Saigon hotels for best value for money. The Luan Vu is a close runner up to the Bich Duyen Hotel for best of the budget Ho Chi Minh City hotels.

This second best hotel Saigon has to offer (In our 'Best for the money' category) is situated on a quieter street just off of the noisy Pham Ngu Lao street. The noise is still evident and persistent but very reasonable considering how close it is to the noisiest area in Saigon.

The biggest problem with the Luan Vu hotel is the lack of an elevator. Not too much of a worry if you are on the lower floors but a pain if you are on the top floor (Am I lazy?).

Another problem is that many of the rooms lack windows. Make sure to request a window when booking. If you book online and write that stipulation in the comments area then you won't have to pay for the room.

Learn more about the Luan Vu Guesthouse.

Write a Review About Luan Vu Guesthouse

(90% Approval Rate)

  • Miss Loi Rooming House

This is one of the more beautiful Ho Chi Minh City hotels. It's located in the nooks of a tiny alley a block back from Pham Ngu Lao Street.

The roadway out front is so narrow that in places only a single motorbike can be pushed down it at once. Once you walk through the doorway, it opens out into a lovely lobby with a huge kitchen at your disposal and a pool table off to the right.

Miss Loi Rooming House is located just behind the backpacker area of the Pham Ngu Lao ward but within walking distance.

The small rooms are $11USD a night and have a T.V., a small fridge, air conditioning and a private bathroom.

The $12USD-$15USD rooms are larger with an outdoor balcony and internet access in the room to boot (But no computer in the room)

Write a Review About Miss Loi Rooming House.

(Approval Rate 84%)

The cheapest rooms in this hotel have no windows and are very small. The aircon is a 50's model stolen out of a US army barracks during the Vietnam war. The beds are very old and worn but the sheets are clean and so are the towels and other linen.

The Bach Dang hotel's best and worst feature is its location. It's very close to the major attractions in District #1 but the building is located smack on a busy street corner where the noise from the motorbikes is loud and runs from 5AM until well past Midnight.

If you don't sleep then console yourself that they serve a better than average breakfast from staff that are consistently polite even at 5am.

Learn more about the Bach Dang Hotel.

Write a Review About the Bach Dang Hotel

(Approval Rate 81%)

This Guest House is actually in an alleyway back off of the main road. The address seems to put it smack down in noise central but that's not the case.

The rooms in the Blue River are always quiet, friendly staff, nicer rooms than the average Guest House but at $14USD a night, you pay for what you get.

There is a big fridge in each room. I sure love that fridge in the morning after a night out with my friend 'Beer'. There is also convenient internet access in the lobby.

Learn more about The Blue River Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Write a Review About the Blue River Hotel

(Approval Rate 88%)

Liberty 1 is located in District #3. It's and upscale area as compared to Pham Ngu Lao in District #1 but only a short distance away to the same amenities.

The rooms are very new and thus very clean and sharp. The beds are also new and very large. There are nice views of the city from the balcony or through the large, abundant windows. The food in the Hotel's restaurant is quite good and not overpriced like most hotels.

The best part may be the free buffet breakfast that is included with your stay. One of the best of any hotel Saigon has to offer.

Learn more about the Que Huong - Liberty 1 Hotel.

Write a Review About the Blue River Hotel

(Approval Rate 89%)

  • Rainbow Hotel

This hotel is right next to the Bich Duyen Hotel but is a less expensive place and thus you do get less.

Clean rooms that are small but with air conditioning and a small T.V., it's really all some people feel they need. It's another option for those planning on spending less time in their room than they have to.

$8USD-$10USD a night is what they wanted for a nights stay the last time I asked.

Write a Review about the Rainbow Hotel

(Approval Rate 74%)

The Que Huong - Liberty 2 is a fantastic hotel located very near Ben Thanh Market, so many food options are nearby. The hotel serves a good breakfast and the staff are some of the best around.

The elevator is slower than being stuck behind an 80 year old man climbing a narrow stairwell but If you're carrying a lot of bags it sure beats the stairs.

Be aware that the rooms in the front of this hotel are very noisy. It's a shame because these rooms have balconies with great views of the ceaseless traffic and chaos of Ho Chi Minh City. The rooms on the opposite side of the hotels are quiet but little to see but a few rooftops.

Learn more about the Que Huong - Liberty 2.

Write a Review About the Que Huong - Liberty 2

(Approval Rate 89%)

The rooms at the Evergreen Hotel are kept clean and are quite large as far as Ho Chi Minh City hotels go. There is a little rooftop terrace that makes for a great spot to eat anything you want (the restaurant is very good also).

There is a nice park right across the street that is great for a stroll or doing some of that Tai-Chi you always said you were going to try. Located on busy Hai Ba Trung street but the rooms are fairly quiet.

Learn more about the Evergreen Hotel.

Write a Review about the Evergreen Hotel

(81% Approval Rate)

The Que Huong - Liberty 3 is located on Pham Ngu Lao street, in the center of the backpacker district. Everything is within walking distance but the street can be noisy and rooms facing the street are not the quietest of the Ho Chi Minh City hotels.

The rooms are a little on the worn out side with some of the ugliest colored fluffy blankets of any of the hotels Saigon can offer. But the sheets as well as most of the rooms are clean.

The Que Huong - Liberty 3 is regarded as a friendly and comfortable place to stay for a night or two.

Like the ugly girlfriend your friend keeps trying to hook you up with. Steady, comfortable, reliable but not the most beautiful.

Learn more about the Que Huong - Liberty 3.

Write a Review About the Que Huong - Liberty 3

(Approval Rate 76%)

This Ho Chi Minh city hotel refused to quote me any prices unless I stayed there. I did not understand at first but they are better off getting you to pay before you see the room.

They must figure you'd be less likely to ask for a refund.

I did eventually get to see the rooms though. They offer air-conditioned rooms or rooms with just a fan, T.V., Hot water and a small tiny fridge.

They also rent motorbikes but they wanted $8USD a day and I pay $4USD a day with a better bike somewhere else. Their prices seem to be according to what they figure they can fleece from you, what time of day it is and how booked the other Saigon Hotels are.

Write a Review About the Ngoc Son Guest House

(Approval Rate 67%)

Most people use words such as adequate, basic and pricey to describe this Ho Chi Minh city hotel. The lobby and entrance way of the Liberty 4 hotel is small but the rooms are a good size and they keep the rooms very clean.

The location is good for those who want to be within walking distance of the Backpacker / Tourist areas without suffering their crowded bustling fate.

Liberty 4 offers non-smoking rooms (which some people appreciate) on the 4th floor. There is wireless internet access in all the rooms and they provide a simple breakfast of coffee, bread and jam.

Learn more about the Que Huong - Liberty 4 Hotel.

Write a Review About the Que Huong - Liberty 4 Hotel

(Approval Rate 83%)

This place is a very popular spot amongst the budget crowd in the Pham Ngu Lao area. But Yellow House hotel isn't a place you're going to bask in large rooms with fully functioning air-conditioning. (Air-Con is available though).

The rooms are not big enough for you and your shoes so you have to leave them outside. The rooms on the top floor are a demanding walk up the never-ending rows of stairs so try a nd bok a room on the first 3 floors.

But the Yellow House has a charm that other Ho Chi Minh City hotels seem to lack. It's a place you can still connect to other travelers. And they don't charge you for using the 2 internet access computers in the lobby.

With prices as low as $7USD a night for a private single room, Yellow House Hotel stands out for people on a very tight budget.

Learn more about the Yellow House Hotel.

Write a Review about the Yellow House Hotel

(77% Approval Rate)

The Red Sun Hotel is located close enough to the central backpacker area but is set off the main street so is nice and quiet. The room and bathroom were very clean. The room had an Air Conditioner, a Mini bar and a TV.

The staff are very kind, helpful with everything from trips to Visas to onward travel and speak great English! I do wish that they had an elevator because even the 3rd floor is rather high.

Simple breakfast or Pho or a baguette and some jam. But the coffee is very good. Better than most hotels Saigon has on offer.

Learn more about the Red Sun Hotel.

Write a Review about the Red Sun Hotel

(87% Approval Rate)

The Liberty 6 has a small facade and is in a densely packed neighborhood. The furniture is worn and some of the rooms carry the cigarette odor of past tenants. It's in district #1 but Le Tan Ton street is a motorbike taxi ride away from the backpacker area of Pham Ngu Lao.

This is one of the Saigon hotels that is simply not worth what you pay. There are better options. But people who've stayed in the Royal Suite at $70USD a night said nothing but good things about it. The Royal suite is a nice room that sleeps 4 and is decorated tastefully.

My advice is to find a newer hotel amongst the many Ho Chi Minh city hotels in the Pham Ngu Lao area. But if you are a group of 4 and want to be away from other travelers and taste the real Vietnam then have a look at this place.

Learn more about the Liberty 6 Hotel.

Write a Review About the Liberty 6 Hotel

(Approval Rate 82%)

I drive past the Phan Lan Guesthouse on my way to work everyday. A Canadian teacher at my school married the girl who used to sleep on a mat in the lobby at night.

It was her job to open the door for guests arriving late (Anything past 11pm in Vietnam) after a night out. They invited me over for dinner one night because my friend was staying in the hotel where she worked.

It's a fairly new place with decent sized rooms that are well-furnished and clean. I never got on well with the staff and they were often rude to me, my friend, his girlfriend and everyone else. The owners are guilty of treating their staff even worse than is usual in Vietnam.

They serve breakfast that is included in the price but is little more than bread baguettes with Jam and coffee. I hear it is really plain but the coffee is so good that the whole event is nice.

Learn more about the Phan Lan Guesthouse.

Write a Review about the Phan Lan Guesthouse

(Approval Rate 80%)

The Nguyen Khang Hotel is located in the first alleyway that runs parallel to Pham Ngu Lao Street. This alleyway has some of the best Guest Houses but current construction work makes some of them noisy.

They have wireless internet in the room, nice bathrooms and great staff. This Saigon Hotel is a great deal in comparison to other Ho Chi Minh City hotels. Most places with wireless in the rooms are $100USD a month more than what you'll get charged here.

Learn more about the Nguyen Khang Hotel.

Write a Review About the Nguyen Khang Hotel

(Approval Rate 87%)

Best Mid to High Range Saigon Hotels

Ho Chi Minh City Hotels-New World

So there above is a list of the best budget Ho Chi Minh City hotels.

Check the availability of some of the other Saigon Guesthouses (You don't have to book with them) and if they are full then expect them all to be busy.

There are many more hotels Saigon has to offer throughout the city but District #1 is the center of it all. There are few amenities available to foreign tourists elsewhere in the city.

Maybe you were thinking of spending a few days pampering yourself in one of the Mid-Range or Luxury hotels Saigon has to offer. Below is a single sample of the best 3-star, 4-star and 5-star Ho Chi Minh City Hotels available.

I stayed in a double room at the Metropole Hotel with 3 friends and it cost us $63USD for a night. It worked out to $15.74USD each and it really is a nice place to stay. Maybe just because of the stocked mini-bar and the telephone in the bathroom!

The lobby of this Ho Chi Minh city hotel looks of average quality compared to other Ho Chi Minh city hotels. The real value is invested in the rooms themselves. They are all newly renovated to 4 star quality.

You can choose from a room with a view of the city or a room at the back of hotel which is as quiet as they get.

As mid-priced Ho Chi Minh city hotels go this one is the best value. The rooms are superb, the pool is cool and refreshing and the food and service are excellent.

Learn more about the Metropole Hotel.

Write a Review About the Metropole Hotel

(92% Approval Rate)

The Novotel Garden Plaza is located halfway between Tan Son Nhat International Airport and the city center. This is the most convenient hotel Saigon has to offer anyone who needs or wants to be near the Ho Chi Minh International Exhibition and Convention Center.

The trip to the airport is very short so there is no way of getting stuck in traffic in the morning on the way to the airport.

The hotel has 191 rooms and suites, fully equipped with IDD telephones, satellite and cable television, while complimentary broadband Internet access is available on Orchid Club Floors.

The Garden Restaurant and Lotus Bars are right by the lobby and there is a free swimming pool and gym available for guest use.

Learn more about the Novotel Garden Plaza Saigon.

Write a Review About Novotel Garden Plaza Saigon

(92% Approval Rate)

The Caravelle Hotel sits right at the center of Ho Chi Minh City. This 5 Star hotel is arguably the best of all the Ho Chi Minh City Hotels. Here is the place to come and get pampered with luxurious modern living in sophisticated and understated elegant surroundings.

There is a fully equipped gymnasium, swimming pool, aerobic classes and a spa that caters some of the best massages of any of the Ho Chi Minh City Hotels in town.

For optimum privacy and comfort, the Caravelle Club offers separate saunas, steam rooms and Jacuzzis for men and women. Class place through and through.

Write a Review bout Caravelle Hotel

(90% Approval Rate)

There are a lot of other Ho Chi Minh City hotels that I visited but I have only mentioned the ones that I feel comfortable staying in myself. In fact, I have a few Ho Chi Minh City Hotels in mind that were just awful.

Remember that the Ho Chi Minh city Hotels that employ kids on the streets to round you up are places to avoid. And the Ho Chi Minh City hotels that are heavy advertisers spend their money on advertising, not on the hotel and you.

This seems especially obvious in Vietnam.

Which are the Best and Worst Ho Chi Minh City Hotels ?

If you write a review on any of the Ho Chi Minh City hotels then you might be saving someone a lot of grief.

Reviews from true travelers are the most effective way of getting rid of the rip-off hotels and giving credit to the the ones that deserve it.

Help out your fellow travel lovers who come here looking for advice on where to stay in Ho Chi Minh City.

This is a free service with no obligation or need to register. You don't even have to tell us your name.

Let's stick together and take care of each other.

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Read Helpful Saigon Hotel Reviews from Other Visitors

Click below to see what our expert contributors say about hotels in Ho Chi Minh City...

California Guest the lane off Co Bac St, near Pham Ngu Lau 
HELL, Hell, hell.....the owner and her American husband, been terrorizing the lane for years....the owners wife Loan rules the roost, and the outdoors …

Bich Duyen Saigon Hotel at 175 Dien Bien Phu Not rated yet
I stayed at the Bich Duyen Saigon Hotel (pronounced 'yen') for 2 weeks in 2008-09. It is a location where my sister (of Vietnamese origin) has stayed …

Good Value Mini Hotel Pham Ngu Lao Not rated yet
Great value for money Mini Hotel- Rooms Rates go down as you climb the stairs (Street Level rooms are approximately US$17 night) 3rd/4th Floor are approximately …

Raimbow Hotel Saigon Not rated yet
I've been staying here a week now and for me it's worked out great. Single bed 10$/night no construction. I'll admit it is a quiet place no common area …

deguelasse le rainbow hotel Not rated yet
J'ai personnellement Séjourné 2 nuits, J'ai eu la chambre juste au Dessus de l' accueil Qui est au dessus du rez de chaussée, juste la chambre à coté de …

Que Huong Liberty 4 is Over-Rated Not rated yet
After recently staying at the Que Huong Liberty 4 I was disappointed with the facilities. We were supposed to be in a non-smoking room however when …

Rainbow Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City Not rated yet
Advantages - Near Chinatown, shops and eating outlets. Cheap. Negatives - stayed a night on 15/11/09. Switched room twice because the air-conditioning …

Ngoc Guest House Not rated yet
Their rooms were really spacious with a great balcony. The staff were really friendly and helpful and just made us feel at home. The guest house is in …

Click here to write your own.

Here's a video that lets you see the many Ho Chi Minh City hotels lined down Bui Vien Street in the Pham Ngu Lao area of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


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