Ho Chi Minh City - What to Do

by Cheung
(Hong Kong)

Ho Chi Minh City is a great place where you can buy high-quality handicraft, and enjoy excellent yet very low-cost Asian and European foods.

Go to any place by taxi! The fair is very cheap.

Where to Eat

Best restaurant for Vietnamese rice noodle, Pho 24 (you can find it everywhere in Ho Chi Minh City).

Where to Go

Everyone should go to the War Remnants Museum.

Never miss the Cu Chi Tunnels. A half-day trip costs you only 5USD, including transportation (air-conditioned coach), English-speaking tour guide and water.

What to Buy

Vietnamese handicraft.


Comment by Travel-Budget-Asia.com

Hi Cheung, excellent comments. Love to hear other people's recommendations. Yours are some good ones.

Where to Eat

Pho24 is a very good place to get good Vietnamese Pho. But Pho24 is like the Mcdonald's of Pho in Vietnam. They have hundreds of outlets right across Vietnam and even a few in China, The US and Canada.

I would say that they are a safe place that consistently serves good Pho. If you are just going to try it once then at least at Pho24 you are guaranteed good. But they never serve a bowl of 'WOW' good Pho and the price can be steep at $4USD a bowl.

I lived in Ho Chi Minh City for a few years and used to go on the "WOW Pho Hunt". We would go looking for the best local examples of fantastic Pho. Some of the best I found were in the market off of Ly Thai To street in District 10. Just half a block before you hit the intersection of Dien Bien Phu
and Ly Thai To streets.

The market in there is pure %100 Vietnamese. Go there and you'll be the only foreigner at all. It is cool because they are glad to see you and many will try and speak to you and they will cook you up a bowl of the "WOW Pho" You will pay about 15,000 Dong ($1USD) and have a great experience with the locals as well.

Just about a 15minute drive from Pham Ngu Lao street. Get a moto Taxi there for 10,000 Dong and enjoy the experience.

Where to Go

The War Remnants Museum is really interesting and I agree; Must see.

It is a sad place though and may offend some Americans. It used to be called the museum of American Atrocities and then changed it to the American War Museum and now its the War Remnants Museum.

You'll find some pretty gruesome stuff inside, including torture machines and a device used for be-headings. All of it is shown in the light that the Americans were "cruel to the benevolent and victorious Vietnamese"

If that offends you then just don't go. I found it fascinating. Good call, Cheung.

What to Buy

Vietnamese handicrafts are awesome and a great thing to take home as a souvenir. If you can find them.

In the past few years, the original Vietnamese handicrafts have been replaced with cheap pre-packaged junk from China. Careful what you buy as Vietnamese Handicrafts.

You certainly won't find any in Benh Tahn Market.

Cheers to Cheung for his comments. Here's a video of a tour through Saigon, Vietnam from the back of a small motorbike.

Happy Travels.....

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