Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi or Siem Reap to Hanoi

by Gail
(Manila, Philippines.)

Hi! I'm planning a Vietnam and Cambodia trip this April.

Would like to ask if there are bus / train routes from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi (and vice-versa) also Siem Reap to Hanoi?

How long is the travel time and what is the approximate cost?


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Hi, Gail.

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) to Hanoi


There is a famous train called the "Reunification Express" that runs from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) to Hanoi. Along the way it stops in many of the most famous towns and larger cities.

Any travel agent will hook you up with tickets. Foreigners do pay more than locals but don't bother buying the ticket right at the tracks because the price is the same.

Check out train travel times and approximate costs for the 'Reunification Express".

Or Get a good book on all the rail routes through Vietnam for the incredible maps, extensive timetables and advice for all train travel through Vietnam.


Singh Cafe runs a bus from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) to Hanoi.

They seem the most used and reliable company around but I would like to dissuade you from a bus ride to Hanoi.

I took the bus that runs from Saigon to Hanoi but got off in Nha Trang. They will tell you that it's a 5 hour journey but you'll be lucky to do it in 7-8 hours.

The bus is a beast that smells like a boar's cage after a few hours and the roads just weren't built for the bus.

They have to constantly slow down and honk their horns to get the motorbikes out of the way. The Vietnamese flood the streets and highways on their motorbikes and cruise along at 30km/h.

There is no hope of sleep because of the constant
rage of noise from the honking bus horn, which is made even worse when the staff try to drown out the bus's horn with terrible Vietnamese Karaoke music.

The train has a bed and the bus does not. This means nothing to you now but after the 36+ hour journey, it might become the only thing that matters to you.

Do the train I beg you. Or at least most of the journey by train.

Just please keep valuables under your body as you sleep. The Vietnamese enter your room and steal your things as you sleep. Other than that...the train is most gorgeous trip.

Don't forget to apply for your Vietnam visa BEFORE you go.

Siem Reap To Hanoi

The only problem with this route is that you have an entire country separating you from Siem Reap, Cambodia if you are standing somewhere in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Loas is a beautiful country and you could go from Siem Reap to Vientiane (Laos) to Hanoi. It is a heck of a trip that will consume most of your time. You don't have much so I recommend that you fly.

Tickets are cheapest at Deep Linking URL- Airline and can be booked from Siem Reap to Hanoi.

Always check for a better price at local travel agents but there is little difference. I have found few websites or travel agents that can beat CheapoAir.com

If you have endless time then go overland but the plane will save you 5 days and a ton of hassle. That makes it a good investment in my books.

However, if overland prompts you to see some of Laos and less of Vietnam, please do it.

I would recommend to anyone that time spent in Laos is better than any time spent in Vietnam.

Good Luck and write back soon.


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Jul 31, 2010
Cheap Flight from Hanoi to Siem Reap
by: Anonymous

Hi! I've been looking for that $70 flight fare from Hanoi to Siem Reap but all I see are unbelievable fares in all available airlines. help!


High season began July 21st. You are in a bind my friend.

The best deal now is about $194USD one way from Hanoi to Siem Reap. Here is the best Budget Flights for your particular needs.

Cheaopoair just searches every airline and every booking agent for the lowest posted prices on your flight. You can then compare each of them on one site.

The only place you will find $75USD or $100USD flights through South-East Asia is at AirAsia.com. They have limited destination options but are the cheapest by far. A flight from Siem Reap to Bangkok would be about $109USD.

You just have to fly during the low season and plan your routes according to theirs. Do that and you'll save on just about everything.

If I was really pushed for time I might even plan my trip around the cheapest deals at Air Asia. You will find $100USD fares from Bangkok to Phnom Penh

The price will be double that because AirAsia doesn't fly that route. Only Vietnam Airlines and Thai Airways and such.

Pay the $200USD. It is going to save you a fortune in time and it is only $200USD with Vietnam Airlines.

Those $70USD tickets are becoming slowly extinct. They are myth during the high season after July 21st until September 7th.

Good Luck and don't give up until the schedule says so.

Take care of yourself,


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