The Top Hoi An Hotels for Your Money

The best Hoi An hotels, Hoi An rooms and Hoi An budget hotels so you can make the best decision of where to stay during your visit to Hoi An, Vietnam.

For me, choosing a hotel or guesthouse in Hoi An is about location. You have the Old Quarter and the New Quarter of town and you should decide where you prefer to stay before choosing your Hoi An Viet Nam hotel.

I stayed in the Old Quarter of Hoi An but went for a walk around the New Quarter to some of the Hoi An hotels available there. Some of them are real gems but there is something about the Old Quarter of town that you just don't get staying in an Hoi An hotel located amongst the new, production line housing.

It's safer in the Old Quarter also. Some of the areas in the New Quarter are not worth being in despite saving $6USD - $7USD. I don't mean to scare you off but it is something to consider.

The Hoi An Resort List

Hoi An Vinh Hung Hotel

The Hoi An Vinh Hung hotel is a four star riverside Resort right in the centre of the Hoi An Old Quarter (ancient town). The hotel sits in a sort of Oasis away from the noise and pollution of the city.

Hoi An Vinh Hung Hotel

It's like a lush tropical garden, where the guests can really relax and go for a swim in the gorgeous pool.

Definately not one of the Hoi An budget hotels at about $80USD a night but the value is there if you want to be pampered and really enjoy your stay in the city. You will have to walk into the center courtyard to understand.

The Resort offers a complimentary Boat Ride to the city and Shuttle Bus to the beach. The guests of the Hoi An Vinh Hung Hotel also have a chance to sample some local foods and drinks.

Just head down to the Resort's garden between 17:00 - 18:30 daily and it's all free of charge. As long as you are a guest, of course!

The Hoi An Vinh Hung Hotel is about 30 Km from Danang international Airport or Railway Station, so contact the hotel or make a booking and request someone pick you up at the train station or the airport.

People seem to most love this Hoi An hotel because of its location. It's just a 3 minute walk to the center of the Old Quarter of Hoi An but there have been a few complaints about the quality of the food at breakfast and the lack of quality service.

The Hoi An Vinh Hung hotel is located at 111 Ngo Quyen street, An hoi Islet, Hoi An town. (Old Quarter)

Find out more about the Hoi An Vinh Hung Hotel here.

Hoi An Riverside Resort

The Hoi An Riverside Resort claims it was the first 4-star International Standard resort amongst the other Hoi An hotels. To be honest, the International Standard for hotels is not reliable.

Anyone can buy and claim International Standard for their hotel. Especially in Vietnam.

Hoi An Riverside Resort

The grounds of the Hoi An Riverside Resort sit on 9,000 square meters of land along the banks of the Song Do River. The hotel is also very near Cua Dai beach and the town's old quarter.

Most people are happy with the hotel, the setting it sits in and the rooms. But many complaints have been forwarded about the cost of services and food as well as the quality of both.

We recommend you eat outside of the Hoi An Riverside Resort hotel and avoid using the services they offer such as the laundry service. You will quickly find yourself paying up to $50USD to have 10 pieces of clothing laundered.

Just make sure to ask for the price of every service before you agree to use it. If you stay at the Hoi An Riverside Resort then stop in to see Mrs Ha at the little family business just across the street. She seems to revel in the task of undercutting the hotel's extravagant prices.

Find out more about the Hoi An Riverside Resort here.

Ha An Hotel Hoi An

The Ha An Hotel Hoi An is a three-star international standards Hotel local on Phan Boi Chau Street. This 30 room garden hotel is set at the Eastern edge of Hoi An's Old Quarter.

The Eastern edge of the Old Quarter is the opposite side of the town to some of the best best bars and clubs like Mango Rooms and Cargo Club. It's not too far to walk but be careful coming back late at night.

This place deserves it's #1 rating amongst other Hoi An hotels, according to the reviews this place gets. The Ha An Hotel Hoi An is the best value of all the Hoi An hotels.

Take advantage of the free bikes and internet in the rooms. If you don't want to ride bikes to the beach, head across the road and hire a moto and driver to take you to the beach and back.

Always make sure to negotiate a price before you agree to the ide, though.

The only complaints that the Ha An Hotel Hoi An gets is the lack of a swimming pool. I've even heard people say it's the best hotel, service and value wise in all of Vietnam!

Get more information about the Ha An Hotel, Hoi An here.

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