The Best Hong Kong Beaches

There are the Hong Kong beaches worthy of a visit and some even as good as the very best beaches in the world. But they vary wildly in quality from pristine to downright polluted.

We'll focus only on the pristine beaches Hong Kong has to offer. Here is a review of beaches in Hong Kong that can be callled the best the region has to offer.

Many of the beaches get automatically cut from the best beaches in Hong Kong list because they don't have any shark prevention nets. Yes, the waters off Hong Kong are prowled by sharks.

Shark prevention nets have been installed at 32 beaches. Hong Kong has been implementing the use of shark nets since the early 1990's when a series of shark attacks resulted in 6 fatalities.

We only recommend the beaches in Hong Kong equipped with shark prevention nets. Swim within the red boomline of the beach and keep away from the shark prevention nets and you should not get eaten.

Another major consideration is the amount of E. coli in the water. This is checked by the Environmental Protection Department. Every week, water samples of each beach are collected for analysis to find out their bacterial level.

We don't want you swimming downstream from the sewer pipe so we will only point you to the beaches that are usually ranked with the lowest E. coli count.

The Best Beaches Hong Kong has on Offer

  • Stanley Beach

Stanley is the name of a small village on the South side of Hong Kong Island. You won't be heading to a knothing to do town by going there. Stanley village has all the modern day amenities with some western style bars and restaurants that are positioned along the waterfront.

Hong Kong Beaches Stanley Beach

There are 2 beaches in Stanley villiage. One is called Stanley Main Beach and the other one is St. Stephen's Beach.

Stanley Main Beach is on the Eastern side and is the larger beach. It is the most famous because the Stanley Dragon Boat Championships are held there each year. It is by far the most popular with windsurfers and likewise can be more crowded.

St. Stephen's Beach is located on the Western side of the peninsula and is just as nice with sandy shores and good water quality. Both Hong Kong beaches are great places to have a BBQ in the many places set up for you on the beach.

Like many beaches in Hong Kong, they also have nets around the perimeter of the swimming area. They probably long ago ate the last shark in the shark fin soup but there might be one left. He might be big and probably hungry, just waiting for a big-bodied foreigner!

Get there:

You can't get the MTR out to either of these Hong Kong beaches. It's a good thing because the crowds would be double what they are now. It seems the least crowded beaches Hong Kong has to offer are not accesible by the MTR (Subway).

Make your way to the Admiralty MTR station. Out front of the station in Queensway road. You can take bus 6, 6X, 6A, 66, 260 departing from the South side of the road.

The bus will charge you anywhere between $7.90HK - $10.60HK for a one-way trip. The trip is about an hour long to yuour destination, which is thte Stanley Bus Terminus.

It is only a 5 minute walk from there to the promenade.

  • Silvermine Bay Beach

Silvermine Bay Beach is on Lantau Island, one of the outlying islands of Hong Kong. It's one of the quietest of all the Hong Kong beaches with water quality as good as it gets.

Hong Kong Beaches Silvermine Bay Beach

If you can imagine spending your day on a clean and peacful beach in the South China Sea, surrounded by green mountains then yu really should visit the Silvermine Bay Beach. I consider it the best of all the Hong Kong beaches.

It's usually a very quiet place but every beach Hong kong has is pretty crowded during the weekends in the summer months. The best time to go is on a weekday during the non-summer months.

Along the beach is a swimming area with several lifeguards on duty. Quite a few people spend the mornings on the beach and then rent a bike for the afternoon.

There are many refreshment kiosks and little restaurants along the road in front of the beach. The only drawback of Silvermine Bay Beach is that the ferry can suddenly run infrequently, especially in the evenings and on weekends.

If you don't feel like hurrying back into the city and would like to stay right on the beach, the Silvermine Beach Hotel is the place to stay.

Get there:

Silvermine Bay Beach is very easy to get to. You just get yourself to the Central Pier in Hong Kong on the MTR. You'll find it on any map in any MTR station. From there you'll get on the ferry to Mui Wo on Lantau Island.

It's a 50 minute ride to Mui Wo from Central pier in Hong Kong. The ferry ride across to Lantau is amazing and almost worth the trip on its own. Once you arrrive at the Mui Wo ferry pier and get off the ferry, it's only a 5 minute walk to the beach from there.

  • Shek O Beach

You can find Shek O beach facing the South China Sea on the Southern coast of Hong Kong Island. If you are looking for a quality beach with some of the best scenery then this is one of the best beaches Hong Kong has.

Hong Kong Beaches Shek O Beach

There are lifeguards to watch you, shark nets to keep out them nibbling critters as well as change rooms and even a some BBQ pits to cook your hot-dogs or steaks on.

Barring that, there are numerous restaurants and basic bars in the area.

The rocky cliffs around the beach offer a great setting as well as an opportunity to go climbing if you're so inclined. Or just lay on the beach and watch the paragliders sail down from the trail on the mountain ridge onto Shek O beach.

Get there:

The best way to get there is on the No 9 Minibus. Just get yourself to the Shau Kei Wan MTR station and look for the bus stop outside. The No 9 Minibus is well marked and the Bus stop is easy to find.

  • Repulse Bay

I had to include Repulse bay in this review of Hong Kong beaches. It is often said that this is the most beautiful beach of all the Hong Kong Beaches. I find the beach not worth the effort.

Hong Kong Beaches Repulse Bay

It is a very beautiful area because the cresent shape beach hugs the waters of the bay. Along the surrounding hills are many large building complexes as well as many uoscale shops and 1 ancient-looking Chinese Pavilion.

Repulse Bay gets very crowded and is over developed. Because of the excessive human traffic, the place is often overcrowded and the waters are not nearly as clean as some of the other Hong Kong beaches.

Get there:

Get yourself to the 'Exchange Square' bus terminus. You can get there by taking the MTR to the 'Hong Kong' MTR Station. Get off the train there and exit the MTR station through Exit D.

That is 'Exchange Square'. There are many buses gathered there but you need to take bus 6, 6A, 6X, 66 or 260. They all head directly to Repulse Bay and will announce that loudly to you when you have arrived.

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