Hong Kong Market

by Adrian Permata Scanlon
(London, UK)

HK Market

HK Market

Hong Kong and its markets in particular are great fun for me because of the energy brought on by the number of people buzzing around at any one moment.

Unfortunately, being in and among the marketers can often intimidate and distract some from really absorbing the aesthetics of a Hong Kong market which is a great shame.

However, there are ways to view a more relaxed side of an average HK market.


Reply from Travel-Budget-Asia.com

Hello Mr. Adrian Permata Scanlon. (Photographer)

I think you caught a glimpse of the relaxed side of the average Hong Kong Market. Cool photo from above the mish-mash of corrugated Iron roof markets crammed down a narrow alley.

Typical and exciting Hong Kong. It's amazing to walk out from amongst the towering concrete and steel to walk down an alley with a market that has not changed in 30 years.

Except for what they sell. I guess. Many used to be home to gems of art like paintings and carvings and such. I once bought a 3" thick Piece of Bamboo as long as your knees to your toes.

It was carved with the most beautiful craftsmanship and was devoted to the 3 deities of the Buddhist religion. It is something you would never find anymore amongst the Chinese made angora scarves and sweaters and the many other useless trinkets they sell now.

Thank you for the photo. I stared at it for a long time, lost in my own memories of the weekday shopping
in the markets my wife and I used to do during our time in Hong Kong.

Is a funny place, that Hong Kong. It gave me the Frank Sinatra "Left my Heart in San Francisco" type of feeling when I first left and every time since.

I can't say the people are courteous in all of China but I met a few beautiful-hearted locals who I truly care for and miss greatly. Maybe if I was born in a place so crowded as Hong Kong Might I not be the same?

In the same I mean without great heights of courtesy. I love courtesy and kindness but in large cities so crowded as in China, they were raised to fight their way to the front of the line.

Or starve. OK. Got a little drastic but your photo took me above the bustle of the market and as you say, "allows us to see it in a different way". You have achieved your goal.

Thank you for creating those 2 great pages of yours.


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