While on Hong Kong Ocean Park Rides, Please Keep Eyes Wide Open

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Which Hong Kong Ocean Park rides rock and which ones are for sissies? Let us know and help out others who would really appreciate your advice.

Don't let your friend off the hook, either. If his girlfriend talked him onto the merry-go-round the send upload the details and the picture and we'll make sure all his friends see it.

The only time to hit the Hong Kong Ocean Park rides is during the week. Avoid Weekends and Holidays for the whole place.

It will make for a much better day if you're not standing in line ups or a queue for an hour or more (Yes, common on the weekends).

It also makes a big difference whether it's raining or sunny out so check out the Hong Kong weather here before you make the trip out for a whirl on the Hong Kong Ocean Park Rides.

Highland Hong Kong Ocean Park Rides

  • Bungee Trampoline

The Bungee Trampoline seemed very worn and smelled a lot like old socks.

This thing is a turbo trampoline, though. Because of its huge size it can throw you so high you'll get views of the entire area and maybe even frighten yourself if heights are a problem for you.

I felt like an idiot surrounded by 10 year old kids though.

  • Merry Go Round

Pretty typical Merry Go Round. Not the most frightening of the Hong Kong Ocean Park Rides.

It was filled with little Kids smiling until you could see their missing teeth. I didn't go on it because 'Bloom Girl' had become a heavy Burden.

I could tell she had a romantic day planned and I wasn't holding up my end.

  • The Dragon Roller Coaster

This roller coaster is all steel and fast as heck. It tops out with a maximum speed of 77 km/h. You fly through the 842 meters of track in about 2.623 minutes.

In that time you will be blasted through three loops and a corkscrew turn. Wear a diaper is the best advice I can give and you may want to forgo that extra hot dog before you get on.

Check out The Video at the bottom of the page.

  • Mine Train Roller Coaster

A steel "mine train" roller coaster with 678 Meters of track. It first opened in 2000. You sit in a steel box like they used in the mines and then are sent on a wild ride.

It's dark at times as if you were at the bottom of a mine shaft, racing through the dark damp tunnels at 100kph. Then you come outside at a fast pace only to realize that you are literally hanging off the side of a mountain.

3 thumbs up for me.

  • The Abyss Turbo Drop

The Abyss will transport you 62 meters skyward on a 185 foot tower. It then sits at the very top to allow you to get lost in the amazing vistas of the South China Sea.

Don't let your mind wander too much.

Then you drop 20 stories so quickly that it forces your cheeks into your eye-sockets.

  • Flying Swing

The Flying Swing is another ride where tourists are swung in chairs as high as seven meters (about 23 feet) through a gyrating wave.

When it begins to swing, it feels like you'll be thrown off but.....maybe only thrown up.

  • Crazy Galleon

This is a huge Pirate Ship almost as big as a real one. You sit inside and it swings back and forth like a pendulum.

Really fun for 3 swings, upsetting after 7 swings and I lost my lunch somewhere after.

  • The Ferris Wheel

A pretty standard sized Ferris Wheel that offers great views of the Park and the surrounding mountains as well as the harbour and many of the outlying Islands.

  • Raging River

The Raging River is a Roller-Coaster only on water and you sit in a hollowed out log. Expect to get wet but that is often welcomed in Hong Kong Ocean Park where it can get well above 33 Degrees.

  • SkyStar

The Skystar is the largest of the Hot-Air Balloons. It sits at the center of the SkyFair area. You can get into the basket of the balloon and let it lift you as high as 60M above the crowds in the Park.

The Balloon is permanently attached to the ground by a long cable so there is no danger of flying away. Unless you want to get romantic and cut the cable before you get on.

You could bring a bottle of wine and ask your girlfriend to marry you wile you're flying helplessly out to sea.

You might crash but she'd never say no!

  • SkyFair

The Skyfair is a circular open area surrounded by 3-4 Hot Air Balloons. SkyStar is the larger Hot-Air Balloon. There are food stalls and first-aid stations in case you fall on a banana peel.

You'll also find restrooms and souvenir shops with the Hong Kong Ocean Park Logo everywhere.

  • Grand Prix Go Karts

The Go Kart ride is a lot of fun but most people were frightened by the high power of the cars. They claim that the cars can top out at 60kph and I believe it.

People were in line laughing and giggling until they were seated in the cars. As soon as they hit the gas and the car roared, they weren't giggling anymore.

Thankfully the cars are 2 seaters so I strapped my wife into the seat next to me and roared around that track so fast she was livid with me afterward. Damn, was that liberating.

The grand Prix Go Kart Track is a huge oval track located very near the SkyStar in Ocean Park Hong Kong.

It costs $40HKD for a Go-Cart with one seat in it and $50HKD for a Go-Kart with 2 seats in it.

Which Ocean Park Ride is the Very Best Of Them All?

Some rides at Ocean Park Hong Kong are boring, slow and a waste of time. (But for the Kids)

We rate 'The Dragon Roller Coaster' as 'Diaper Recommended' for all age groups.

What do you recommend and why? Has Ocean Park Hong Kong got the best rides in Asia? You have to take in the View factor when deciding.

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