Hong Kong Sightseeing Tours Worthy of Mention

This is a list of the best-value Hong Kong sightseeing tours available. The Company that runs them are reliable and geared to Budget travelers.

They don't include guides unless it's essential to your safety. An example would be a hiking tour through some of the dense jungles around Hong Kong.

They've had a few casualties due to a rogue monkey troop so I certainly wouldn't want to get lost there.

These 'Tours' are designed to get you to and from the right places without fuss. They make sure that you have all the facts and don't get left behind. I like that because you can wander as you please and not get stuck in some group of people on a traditional type tour.

The links on this page are loaded with specific information about each particular Hong Kong sightseeing tour. Generate some ideas of excursions you want to make, write down whatever info you'll need or compare the cost of doing the trip via public transport.

The Hong Kong sightseeing industry is growing fast and 2008 is the year of the Olympics in Beijing. Hong Kong is the Co-host city so this will be a pretty busy year for tourism to Hong Kong and Beijing.

If you really don't want to do a Hong Kong Sightseeing tour then consider a day trip to Macau or book a bus to Disneyland or even go on the famous Hong Kong dolphin watch tour then book the tour you want online and relax, knowing your seat and date are guaranteed.

Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Park Roundtrip Transfer

It's an hour's drive by bus or car from 'Central' Hong Kong to Disneyland. That's a long time to sit on a Public Bus or even the MTR, which is no faster because of the many times you have to change trains.

Hong Kong Sightseeing is not renowned in the tunnels of the MTR.

Most people make the trip to Disneyland on a weekday in the early morning. People figure that it's a better time to visit Disneyland.

Just remember that early morning traffic on the Buses and the MTR are busy and can extend your Hong Kong Sightseeing trip considerably. You can't even expect to get a seat on the public bus or MTR during morning Rush-Hour.

This round-trip transfer to Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Park just takes the stress out of getting there by Public Transportation. They use a comfortable Air-Conditioned motorcoach that departs from your hotel every 30 minutes between 9:30am and 11:00am. You'll then be returned to your hotel or guesthouse by 6:00pm or 30 minutes after the firework display.

If you have children 2 years or under then even better. They get on the Hong Kong Sightseeing tour free of charge!

Entrance tickets to the Theme Park are not included but you can buy your tickets online at hongkongdisneyland.com

Macau Full Day Tour by Catamaran

This 9 Hour sightseeing trip to Macau is the best rated sightseeing tour of them all. And if you think that is a long day then just read what this guy wrote about this trip:

"The tour was very informative, our guide was fantastic. There was something for everyone. It perhaps would have been nicer to spend a little more time at each stop, but naturally there are time constraints."

Jason M, Australia, July 2007

Macau was the oldest European settlement in Asia. The Portuguese Government couldn't refuse the huge amount of money China offered for it so Macau was soon reunited with China as a Special Administrative Region in December 1999.

The island of Macau is about 60 kilometers (37 miles) south-west of Hong Kong. It takes about 60 minutes on the Catamaran to get you to Macau but that's a lot o fun on its own.

You'll explore the Historic 'Centre of Macau' and visit the 'Old Fort', 'Penha Hill', the 'Bishop's Home' along the 'Praia Grande', The Ruins of the Historic 'Church of St. Paul' and the 'Macau Grand Prix Race Course'.

After all that you'll get to see the Border Gate and make aces at the Chinese Border Guards before heading to the Casino for as much gambling as you want. Just remember that they won't allow you into any of the Casinos if you are wearing shorts.

You have to bring and keep your passport on you at all times during the trip. Tourists from most countries do not need a visa to visit Macau. If you are allowed into Hong Kong without a visa then you'll get into Macau.

The visa regulations are the same as they are in Hong Kong.

Check where you stand at the visa information page. If you need a visa to get into Hong Kong them the same will apply for Macau.

Remember that kids under 10 years are able to score a nice discount on almost all the Hong Kong Sightseeing tours here. This tour takes care of everything for you. Unless you lose a bundle in the casinos!

Hong Kong Dolphin Watch

The best thing about this Hong Kong Sightseeing Dolphin Watch Tour is that they guarantee you'll see the Dolphins. If not then you're on the next scheduled cruise free of charge. They claim 96% of their trips end with successful Dolphin sightings but it's a nice guarantee anyway.

The boat takes you out between Hong Kong and Macau to the 'Pearl River Delta'. This is where you'll find about a thousand Indo-pacific Humpback dolphins. Indo-pacific Humpback dolphins found along the Chinese coast are the world's pinkest dolphins - pinker even than the Boto dolphins in the Amazon River.

The Dolphins' future is not certain. They are being threatened by rising pollution, over fishing and land reclamation. The organizers of this Hong Kong Sightseeing trip try to minimize disturbance to the Dolphins.

You'll get up close to the Dolphins but they seem comfortable now that tour operators in Hong Kong have realized the dollar value in keeping the dolphins happy and healthy.

You'll get coffee and Tea on the cruise but no food is included. It's a 4 hour morning trip that concludes at approximately 12:30pm so you might want to bring something to eat along with you.

You'll be picked up at your hotel and taken directly to the Pier and then returned to your hotel after this Hong Kong sightseeing trip. Children aged 2 years and under are free of charge and even Children aged 3-11 years get a special deal.

Hong Kong Harbour Night Junk Cruise including Drinks

This is a 1.5 hour cruise on a traditional 'Chinese Junk'. It's a gorgeous ship that glides through the rough waters of Hong Kong harbor in complete silence. It's a powerful moment passing by the bright lights of the city, the cool wind blowing against you and an open bar behind you.

Yes, the drinks are unlimited.

Hong Kong's harbor at night is something every visitor to Hong Kong simply must do. Even if you just take the Star Ferry across at night instead of the Hong Kong sightseeing Cruise.

It's too amazing to miss.

The Junk sails to the once busy Waterfront Trading Center in the Western District. From there you'll sail towards the 'Kowloon Promenade' and along the 'Island East waterfront' before finally passing by the 'Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter'.

It's a real good route because you get to see all the best areas in the Harbor.

Hong Kong Island Tour - Victoria Peak, Aberdeen, Stanley Market

This is the real Hong Kong sightseeing tour. You'll get to all the major sightseeing 'must-sees' on Hong Kong Island.

The first stop is Victoria Peak. The ride up to Victoria Peak follows the same route as the bus #15. The route is a twisty ride that winds up to the top of the Peak. The views from the summit are incredible.

From there the bus flies you on down to Aberdeen. The views you'll get of 'Deepwater' and 'Repulse Bay' are fantastic. You'll get out of the bus for this. Some things are worth the stop and the fresh air.

You'll wind down the tour in the famous Stanley Markets. The Market is filled with silk garments, sportswear, art, Chinese costume jewelery, and a host of other fantastic bargains.

Afterwards, a short visit to a prestigious jewelery factory, where craftsmen fashion works of art from gold and gems. Stanley Market is known to have some of the best traditional arts and Silks in all of Hong Kong.

The tour ends at 1:30pm. Children aged 2 - 11 years get a special price. Bring our own meals and beverages or just buy them along the way.

Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong - Buddhist Monastery, Big Hat Mountain

This 5 hour daytime excursion will give you a good introduction to the cultural side of Hong Kong's New Territories. If you're a history buff then this tour is unique because a great deal of the 6000 year history of human settlement in the New Territories remain today.

You'll visit Ancient Temples, Small Villages, Monasteries and even the Local Markets where enough time is set aside for some shopping.

The tour begins at the Buddhist Monastery known as 'Chuk Lam Shim Yuen'. The Monastery is surrounded by a beautiful plantation of bamboo trees but it's the 'Precious Buddha' statues inside that draw the people. They are the 3 largest Buddha statues in Hong Kong.

You'll head up to 'Big Hat Mountain' or 'Tai Mo Shan' for a panoramic view of 'Lam Chuen Valley' and 'Shek Kong Airport' from the look out point.

You'll visit the 'Tin Hau Temple' or otherwise known as 'Goddess of the Sea'. The magnificent 'Wishing Tree' is next to the 'Tin Hau Temple'. People come to the tree, write wishes on colorful papers and throw them into the air. If the paper gets caught in the branches of the tree they are supposed to have their wish granted.

Careful what you wish for.

The tour will then take you to the 'Tang Chung Ling Ancestral Hall'. It was built in 1525 to honor the founding ancestor 'Tang Chung Ling'. The you'll go to the ancestral hall of 'Lo Wai'.

Bring some water and something to eat. They don't serve food or drinks along the way (Budget Tour) but all entrance fees are covered and all transport to and from your hotel is in an air-conditioned Coach or Mini-Van.

Guangzhou (Canton) China including Temple of the Six Banyan Trees

This is the best budget-minded tour to the Chinese mainland from Hong Kong. Many people make requests for budget tours to the Chinese Mainland and this one is worth a mention.

Just click on the link above and read the 28 testimonials written by people who have taken the trip. Testimonials influence me greatly because they come from people who aren't motivated by money. A few of the tours offered by Viator had terrible reviews and thus are not included here.

The greatest feature of this Hong Kong sightseeing tour is that your Chinese visa is included in the price and they get it for you.

The biggest headache is to get your Chinese visa on your own. Even the Express Chinese visa application takes 3 working days to process and is much more expensive that the non-express visa. That takes a full week to get!

You must book this trip a minimum of 48 hours in advance of your travel date simply so they can prepare your Group Chinese Visa. Not only is the Visa included in the price but also full return hotel transfers, a Chinese lunch and all transport on a nice new air conditioned vehicle. No old School buses with chicken on the roof.

Your Chinese mainland day tour from Hong Kong begins with a stop in the Shekou Industrial Zone. That sounds boring but getting to Shekou is on a 50 minute catamaran ride/coach ride to Shekou. Shekou Industrial Zone is located on the east coast of the Pearl River estuary, west of the Shenzhen city and 20 nautical miles from Hong Kong by sea.

Then proceed to Guangzhou via the express highway. Guangzhou was formerly known as Canton. It is the capital of Guangdong Province and the southern gateway to China.

A visit to the Exhibition Hall in Shekou will give you a chance to see the display of the 'Qin Dynasty Terracotta Warriors and Horses'. They are now acclaimed as the "8th Wonder of the World".

Then you'll eat at a local Chinese restaurant while a city tour of Guangzhou is arranged. They'll take you to see 'The Six Banyon Tree Temple' and 'The Memorial Hall' of Dr. Sun Yat Sen.

Western Shoreline of Hong Kong and Tsing Ma Bridge Cruise

This Hong Kong sightseeing tour is the best deal going at $30USD. The tour is a 2.5 hour Cruise through Victoria Harbor beginning on the Western Shoreline of Hong Kong and ending with a trip under the 'Tsing Ma Bridge'.

You'll board the boat at either the 'Kowloon Public Pier' (Star ferry terminal) or at Pier 9 in 'Central' if you're staying on Hong Kong Island.

The Cruise follows the Western Shoreline of Hong Kong. You'll see the Kowloon Wharf and its developments, Kowloon Expressway and the nearby Stonecutters Island which for many decades served as a British Naval Base until June 1997.

This Hong Kong Sightseeing tour will sail past the Bank of China, Exchange Square, Hong Kong Bank, Lippo Tower and Central Plaza. Further on, you'll see the spectacular Tsing Ma Bridge linking the new Hong Kong Airport as you sip on your 2 free drinks and devour the Chinese Dim Sum served on board.


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