Hotels in Phnom Penh; a Look at the Best Buys

The best hotels in Phnom Penh are in the best parts of the city.

Phnom Penh Slum

The most important thing is to book a Phnom Penh Hotel in the part of the city that best suits your personality
The amount of money you have
And who you're traveling with.

There are areas with nice enough looking hotels but are smack in the middle of an area you don't want to be in.

Especially after dark.

Choosing well located hotels Phnom Penh offers is actually a matter of safety, as well. Drunk people walking back to Accommodation that takes them through bad areas of town is just unnecessary. Especially if you are alone.

I hope I have not scared you because crime in Cambodia, especially against foreigners is lower than the city you were born in and certainly lower than that of Thailand.

I am going to steer you clear of anything but the best of the best deals on any hotel in Phnom Penh. I have spent so much time in Phnom Penh that I really feel that the first step is to understand Phnom Penh.

It is a city unofficially broken up into 3 sections.

  • The Lakeside

Home of the Backpacker and the hotels in Phnom Penh that suited them most for many years. Now it is mostly gone except for the odd restaurant and a few hotels that are back away from the lakeside and nearer the roadway.

  • The Riverside

Seems to be where all the backpackers are now staying. Room prices are still pretty good and you don't have to pay for the room until after you check out.

Higher society type people though but there are still many happy Pizza Places where you can order a 'Green Pizza'.

  • The City Center

Yuk! Just the smell from the Central Market alone is immensely Retarding. Fish don't die. they just change to become purveyors of a stink that can cause brain damage. I couldn't stay in any of the hotels in Phnom Penh that are near it.

Not just because they start the day at 4am.


If you click through to the Phnom Penh hotels page, you'll get photographs and customer reviews as well as locations of each hotel in Phnom Penh.

There is also a map clearly showing you the location of the hotel in the city. We are going to show your our picks and even a couple of crappy ones down the page a bit.

If you don't feel like booking or reserving a room online, at least write down some addresses of a few hotels in areas you want to stay.

Then you have something to give the cab driver, tuk tuk or moto driver when you arrive at the airport. It's always better to look like you know where you're headed the moment you exit into the warm tropical sun.

And 800 cabs, tuk tuks and motorbikes awaiting who will try to take you to whichever of the hotels in Phnom Penh that pays the best fee to him for bringing you there.

Please never take the advice of the tuk tuk and taxi drivers about any of the hotels in Phnom Penh, The hotels pay them a commission to bring in customers. Only the worst hotels in Phnom Penh need to pay commission to bring in guests.

The other hotels in Phnom Penh do it on merit. Consider a recommendation from a taxi driver about any of the hotels in Phnom Penh as a warning to stay away from it and go in the opposite direction, even.

'The Lakeside' is Phnom Penh's version of Kho San Road in Bangkok and Pham Ngu Lao street in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). These areas were popular with budget backpackers because of the abundant budget hotels, cheap restaurants and cheap travel booking agents nearby.

Until they filled in nearly 90% of the Lake with Topsoil, Garbage and Feces (Nov. 2010).

They are paving roads over what used to be a huge lake and this has effectively wiped out what was left of the lakeside, and the hundreds of guesthouses and restaurants that used to line its shores.

Lakeside Phnom Penh

'The Lakeside' is no longer as innocent as it was just a few years ago. Many of the guest houses now cater to drug enthusiasts and long stay alcoholics.

I regularly stop into the rows of budget guesthouses on the lakeside and ask about a room (Website Research). A week ago (July 2010) I went into the (Name Removed because of Guilt). The rooms were just 4 dollars a night for a small room with a single bed.

The price is $12USD a night if you want a room with a double bed and a lifesaving (During the summer months) aircon.

That's pretty typical of the prices of accommodation along the lakeside. Then the owner decides to pull out his wares for sale.

"You can do anything you want in this room. I have Ganja and Heroin and anything you need. You like lady ... no problem. Anything you want just come see me and it is welcome to do this in my Guesthouse."

He laid out several bags of various illicit drugs on the foot of the bed. I didn't say anything to him so he started packing his wares away, suddenly becoming uncomfortable. Must have been my face contorting to express my shock.

I don't mind other people smoking pot or that but the thought of people shooting up in a guesthouse that not only welcomes it but supplies the drugs made me want to leave.

If you are going to stay at 'The Lakeside' then be careful at night and stay in a solid place like Guesthouse number 9. People might disagree because the rooms are not all that great but it is the safest place on the lakeside.

The owner of Number 9 is a high ranking police official. Everyone knows it and nobody messes around with the guests and No room has ever been broken into.

If the lakeside isn't your thing then 'The Riverside' will be. It is where you'll find the best hotel Phnom Penh can offer for the money. It is home to mainly Mid - Range hotels that run anywhere from $12USD a night up to $40USD a night.

I even included some very expensive Phnom Penh hotels!

Below is a list and review of every hotel Phnom Penh offers that is worth a look.

Some are bookable online but if you choose to do that then opt to pay just the 10% deposit to hold the room. You'll have to pay the rest upon checkout. That way you will have a guaranteed room waiting when you arrive but can back out also.

10% of $20USD a night is $2USD deposit. You don't risk losing much if you change your mind and find a better hotel.

The hotels listed below are pricey and don't seem to fit the theme of this site. Some people relish the chance to be treated like royalty for $100USD a night in a hotel similar to hotels of $600USD a night and upward.

Good Budget Hotels That Phnom Penh Offers

N.97, St 141, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

This one is smack in the center of town. It may sound like we are down on this Phnom Penh hotel but it is the area around it that sucks.

This hotel gets good marks because it was so darn clean that it looked like they put extra effort in. Perhaps they did just because of the awful location of this hotel.

For me all the hotels in Phnom Penh that are located downtown are crap. It's the Lakeside or the Riverside for me. No, now it's just the Riverside.

The largest shopping center in all of Cambodia is just a half block away and it generates a lot of traffic, mid night noise competitions and it's known to be a grand spot to land a Street-Walker.

I guess that sounds bad but I have driven past this place 50 times and there is always a congestion of honking cars and motorbikes.

The Central Market is a block away. This at first seems great until you smell it. The Central Market is a great place tn buy cheap clothes jewelry and electronics. But the other half of the market sells fresh fish, slaughtered meats and fresh vegetables.

When 5pm rolls around, that fish smell is like a punch in the head.


They go cheap on their tours compared with most hotels trying to rip you off a few extra dollars. There is a trend right now that is seeing the hotels in Phnom Penh drop their room rates only to take more profit from the bus tickets, tours and even exchange rates on the dollar.

Triple Private A/C+hotwater is USD $5.50

Learn more about the Sunday Gueshouse.

No. 33, Street 178, Phnom Penh, Cambodia .

I call this one a compromise. It is also the cheapest of the hotels in Phnom Penh we find livable. We are trying to put you on the Riverside but there are no real budget Phnom Penh hotels in such an exclusive area as the Riverfront.

So we chose to look at an Irish pub that is also a restaurant and Guesthouse. It's a pretty big guest house if you were worrying and the pub is very quiet.

It's clean, well-cared for and very close to the Riverside.

We stayed there and found the staff were very kind and the food in the restaurant downstairs was excellent. The did have WiFi in the rooms but it reminded me of the old 28.8kb modems of the past. They were so slow.

Learn more about Rory's Pub and Guesthouse, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

#149 up to #151 of St. Preah Ang Duong Street, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

If you want a Private Triple En-suite for USD 4.13 a night then don't complain to us about the moldy smell from the '50s Carpet and furnishings.

This place is just blocks from the Riverside and all the best sights. We had to add them because this is a budget website and some people don't spend more than a few hours a night in their rooms.

$4USD a night and smack in the middle of it all. If only it didn't smell like a pig resided there and Boy! a clean room would be nice. We figure this place is spot on price for return. 4 Bucks is amazing for the location but I would rather see you in a $10USD room because then you won't send me emails about the smell.

Learn more about KingGuesthouse, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Upper Range Hotels in Phnom Penh

We have to include the most asked about 4-5 Star hotels in Phnom Penh. For some people, this may be their only chance to stay at what would amount to $500USD-$800USD rooms anywhere in Europe or the Western world.

Some of these hotels are more than amazing.

I just want to get you to the Riverside. The Lakeside is done and the improvements they have made to the areas around the Riverside are immense.

There is also the Royal Palace to see along with pretty much every other sight Phnom Pehn has to offer within the city limits around this area.

If you arrive at this hotel at night you might pee yourself. It has such immense proportion and the gorgeous flowers, palm trees and classic lighting make it spectacular.

I like driving buy at night just for a look. I pulled up to the front once and went in. They even showed me a room and by God it is something I think you just would not find in the Western world.

Seriously. Some of the hotels in Phnom Penh are so extravagent that I have not seen anything similar in the Western World.

Not at these prices anyways. $75USD is as low as they go but if you really want to have the 5 star experience just once, the Sunway is one of the finest examples of any of the Hotels in Phnom Penh.

But we have been getting some complaints lately. All are posted on the Suway Hotel page so always make sure you read the review section, The best info usually comes from people who've just stayed there.

Find more about the Sunway Hotel, Phnom Penh

I would have to list the 'Phnom Penh Hotel' as being on the lakeside. The front of the hotel is fairly ugly and I always use it as a sign to wake up and make a left down the road adjacent the Hotel.

Behind it is what is left of the lakeside and up to a dozen foreigners can be spotted there at any one time.

People keep telling me that the inside of the hotel, such as the pool and especially the rooms are some of the best in Phnom Penh. So, I went in to have a look. After my tour, I suggest that this is one of the best hotels in Phnom Penh.

But the location sucks.

Learn more about the Phnom Penh Hotel.

313 Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

This is one of the more famous of the hotels in Phnom Penh. Probably because it is one of the older hotels in the city.

It is perfection from the outside, in the lobby and pool area. Flaws only really existed in the rooms but this is a spectacular place that has dramatically dropped its room rates as of late.

The Cambodiana remains high on our top value for the dollar scale. It is a spectacular 5 star hotel that has deluxe bedrooms for $87USD a night. The regular price in the past has been as high as $204USD.

Recently it seems like all the hotels in Phnom Penh had dropped their prices. It is very competitive and they follow the trend.

There is no free Wi-Fi as of yet in the hotel and you won't like the elevator because it is an old bugger and is not only slow but a bit scary and even moldy (So say the email I get). But the hotel is in a good location with easy access to the Riverside and tourist locations.

Mostly it is clean and well maintained but this hotel is $87USD and you will be shocked for what you get in return. 5 Star excellence ... for the most part.

Where is there really any perfection? You'll have a great stay in Phnom Penh if you're staying at the Cambodiana.

Learn more about the Cambodiana Hotel, Phnom Penh


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