How big is Angkor Wat

"The Size of Angkor Wat Defies Logic"

'How Big is Angkor Wat' is another most frequently asked question. It slots in at the #3 position.

'When was Angkor Wat Built' comes in at #2 and the most frequently asked question 'Why was Angkor Wat Built'.

It is hard to understand an answer to 'How Big is Angkor Wat' by giving you a bunch of numbers. The numbers are too high for anyone to put into perspective.

The numbers are a very specific language that interweave both the size and the orientation of Angkor Wat into a balance that cannot be understood.

Angkor Wat was built to resemble and honor the spiritual peaks of Mount Meru, which is one of the most revered Hindu holy sites in the World.

The size of the Angkor Wat had to somehow reflect a scaled down measurement to match the mountain's peaks.

It is also a star temple.

The Great Pyramid at Giza is a Star Temple, Chichén Itzá is a star temple, and the orientation of all those temples to the stars is the most fascinating clue to who we are or were.

The orientation of Angkor Wat, combined with other surrounding temples like Angkor Thom suggests a correlation between the temples and the Constellation of Draco.

How Big is Angkor Wat by the Numbers

There is 820,000 Square meters of land within the Outer Walls of Angkor Wat.

The Outer Wall of Angkor Wat measures 1024 meters by 802 meters in circumference.

The Outer Wall is 4½ meters tall and surrounded by a watery Moat, which is 190 meters across.

These numbers remain consistent in every part of the temple.

Some Perspective on 'How Big is Angkor Wat'

Nearly a million people lived in the 1000 sq kilometre city that once surrounded Angkor Wat.

1,000,000 people is more than just a number when they all decide to live in the same place.

This had to affect the size goals for the builders of Angkor Wat. It had to be the largest and tallest free-standing structure in a city of a million people.

It was the Jewel of Angkor city, which is now confirmed to have been the largest city in the pre-industrial world.

Larger in population than London was at the time

It only took 35 years to complete the construction of Angkor Wat. I am sure the Bas-Reliefs were ongoing but they were mere adornments.

If I compare Angkor Wat to Gloucester Cathedral in England or any other of the famous Cathedrals, you would be shocked.

I chose Gloucester Cathedral because it shares much with Angkor Wat. The Dimensions are similar, their purpose much the same, and the time frame of history are similar.

Angkor Wat began construction around 1130ad and was completed in the year 1145ad.

That's a completion date of 35 years after construction began.

Gloucester Cathedral is spectacular enough to help put all into perspective just how quickly they built Angkor Wat.

Construction of Gloucester Cathedral began in the year 1089ad and was completed by 1499ad.

It took 410 years to build Gloucester Cathedral.  

This is impossible according to those who we are taught to listen to. Angkor Wat and the people who lived in its shadow have secrets to tell and no one is talking.

Where has that construction technology gone? The construction workers of the past had advanced technology, evident in the construction of Angkor Wat.

Technology that was not lost, but has been hidden.

They not only knew what gravity was but put it to use in highly sophisticated ways that we still don't understand.

Yet, I was taught that Sir Issac Newton discovered gravity in 1655. Guess he never asked 'How Big is Angkor Wat'. Ha, I say.

Either that or the people who built Angkor Wat could influence gravity.

It is up to you how much research you want to do on this, but it becomes even more perplexing. I hope we have helped you understand just how big Angkor Wat was during the time of its construction and completion.

When asked 'How Big is Angkor Wat' I should have just said; "You could fit 294 Angkor Wat's within the City of Las Vegas."


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