How To Solve The Visa Issue At Vietnam Border?

by Anne Lim
(London, UK)

I love your vivid accounts of the Cambodia/Vietnam border crossing!

I will be doing that journey soon and will take your advice to take the 'expensive' bus.My problem is how to get the Vietnamese visa.

I will be flying into Siem Reap, and then travel to Phnom Penh and then onwards into Vietnam. Since they don't do visas at the border, what other options I have?

I can get the visa at their embassy in London but they charge exorbitant prices. They will not tell you the fees till you get there and then they will charge you at their whim and fancy!

I am aware that UK residents have a 15 day visa waiver but I will be in Vietnam longer than that.

Or can I accept their waiver and then get a visa when I'm actually in Saigon?

Your advise will be much appreciated.



Update from

As of December last year, British passport holders no longer need a visa to enter Vietnam. I went to Saigon Jan 21st-Jan 26th 2017. They gave me a 15 day visa at the border in Moc Bai. Free!

I was then able to extend it to 1 or 3 months at any of the travel agents. The cost is much lower when purchased in Vietnam

I didn't reply before now because you seemed to answer your own questions when you wrote to me. But, I believe that everyone should get an update as important than this.

If you will not believe me (It sounds a bit too good to be true), then purchase your bus ticket a day early. They will not allow you on the bus unless they are sure that you will get through the Vietnam Border.

I showed my British passport and they told me I didn't need a visa as a British Subject. USA does, Canada does, etc, but not Britain.

Please make sure of the status of your need to purchase a Vietnam visa in the week before you fly.

They're adding exemptions from counties every few weeks, so posting the current status of each country here would be an effort in futility.


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